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6 Things Not to Miss Out in Dubai

Dubai Desert

Every country, city, and island has those tourist destinations that no tourist should miss. Without going to those places you won’t gather the essence of the place and understand what it is all about.

Similarly, Dubai, one of the most modern cities in the world built on desert has certain places and experiences that travelers would want to miss out on.

Here is a list of activities that you are bound to enjoy aside from the traditional Dubai city Tour

1. Desert Safari Tours

You surely must have cruised your car on the cemented roads but in desert safari, you get to experience sitting in a car that cruises in the sands.

You set out in the morning and reach a traditional desert camp in the desert by evening time. If you enjoy the fast and swinging car you are sure to enjoy this drive. Then you will reach a traditional desert camp where you will get dinner and watch a belly dance (which might not be PG-13). For souvenirs, you will be offered some traditional dessert ornaments. The best desert safari will last a full day but the memories you make there will last a lifetime.


2. Visit the Burj Khalifa

This is one of the main attractions of Dubai. After all, it is the tallest building in the world comprising of 160 floors with a height of 828 meters. You can even visit the 148th floor of the building and enjoy the view whilst you sip on a cup of coffee. I mean who doesn’t like to brag they have coffee while sitting in between the clouds!


3. A trip to Dhow Cruise in Marina and Jumeirah Beach

Now, these are all the fancy places in Dubai, if you want to understand the soul of the city then you should head over to Marina to enjoy Dhow cruise in Marina. It is a 2 hour trip with delicious dinner, here you will be able to grasp what the city is in its real life. 

Just because the city is built on the desert it does not mean it has no water around. Dubai is an island and it has some amazing beaches and Jumeirah is the best one. Besides that many activities are going on there, for instance, fish tanks; you will dip your feet in fish takes and the small fishes will eat off your dead skin giving you baby soft skin, Kite flying, paragliding, speedboats, and many other things.


4. Aquaventure parks Parks 

Like LEGOLAND in Florida, Dubai iconic Aqua-venture Park is awesome; If you are someone who wants to have a bit of fun then you should take a day to visit the aquaventure water park. Aside from the other cool rides, there is a leap of faith slide, this slide is record-breaking and you will be shaking by the time you are on the top.

5. Global Village and Spice Souk Market

The best part about the city is its multicultural and different ethnic people. You can get a visual representation of this in the global village. It has hundreds of traditional themed stalls each has their country theme and offer goods of that country which you can buy as souvenirs.

If you are someone like me who enjoys a bit of cheap shopping and getting something that is locally produced by the city/ country. Then Dubai souks should be your next visit. Each thing has its souk, for instance, jewelry souk, textile souk, and many others.

6. IMG World & Sky Dive

Have you always believed that Disney world in America is the ultimate theme park? Then be prepared we will soon prove you wrong. IMG World has the biggest indoor park in the world and home to some of the most amazing rides. The theme park visit will take up your whole day, it simply cannot be seen in any less time.

If you are an adventure enthusiast then you must try the sky diving sport in Dubai. It is extremely safe and will you give you an experience that you will cherish a lifetime- it is all about fighting your fears.

Dubai is an affordable city and you are certainly bound to enjoy your time there. This list will help you get the basic done the rest you can discover when you reach. After all, where is the fun if you don’t discover things during travel?

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