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6 Social Distance-Friendly Outdoor Activities for the Adventurer Within

Throughout the novel Coronavirus pandemic, individuals have been flocking to nature in large quantities. Many folks find that something as simple as a stroll through the neighborhood park or a bike ride can help boost their mood.Few Social Distance-Friendly Outdoor Activities that adventurers can do when looking to get out of the house.Here are 6 of them.

Adventuring outside has always been a reliable salve for those who need to clear their heads. With Mother Nature up to the task of relieving hefty COVID-related stresses, it’s time for you to log-off, switch off your smartphones, and venture out into the Great Outdoors. Aside from positive effects on physical health, stepping outside can help folks break free from the shackles of CDC-recommended mandatory quarantines and find solace during these unprecedented and oddly confining times.

Social Distance-Friendly Outdoor Activities

When active cases reach a sustainable low, many folks will have an entirely different relationship with Mother Nature. For example, people are starting to take notice of the outdoor recreation opportunities available in their backyards.

Studies suggest that low-risk activities near home-base can satisfy just as much as a great adventure farther away despite popular misconceptions. Are you looking for some suggestions? Here you’ll find several ideas for outdoor adventures to embark on during the age of social-distancing.

Social Distance-Friendly Outdoor Activities

Target Shooting

Suppose quarantining has ignited a desire to take up a new sport, consider target shooting. Target shooting is the ideal sport for those social-distance-conscious adventurers who want to sharpen their focus and perhaps learn a little about self-defense along the way. If interested, you can find a wide range of powerful air pistols available that are suitable for target shooting. 

This sport easily accommodates social distancing in any season. You’ll usually be alone with only a safety guide in the booth, should you decide to visit an indoor range. Should you manage to locate an outdoor shooting range available to you, even better. For those first-timers, opt for a pistol like this and always be aware of the necessary safety regulations before handling a firearm.

Discover your state parks

If you’re craving an adventure close to your own home, every state is equipped with several state parks accessible to the public. Whether to preserve a historical location, a place of natural beauty, or a historical landmark, these adventure-friendly hotspots are a must-visit location in the COVID-19 era. Depending on the state you live in, you can participate in a whole host of activities, be it as simple as a picnic or a day spent out doing water sports. Taking a mini-road trip to discover the natural beauty your state has to offer is a great way to take your mind off your troubles.

Go fishing

Fishing has long been a method used to get out and clear the mind. The serenity afforded by a day spent alone on the lake is a peace sought after by many outdoor enthusiasts. If you desire relaxation and have a patient disposition, a fishing trip is a great way to get out of the house. As long as you manage to obtain a fishing license from your local fish and game division, you’re well prepared to hit the road for a day on the water. Plus, with any luck, you’ll be able to bring home dinner.

Take a hike

If you live in a mountainous area, be sure to take advantage of the many hikes that are probably right in your backyard. Hiking is a budget-friendly (and COVID-19-friendly activity) you can enjoy with friends and family while also maintaining social distancing from other groups. Hiking is also an excellent cardiovascular workout in addition to being fantastic for your mental health. The sense of accomplishment you will have when you reach the top and look out over the trees will welcome change to the last several months’ anxieties.

Take a camping trip

Folks with an insatiable desire to spend extended amounts of time outside should pack their water purifiers and headlamps and set out for a much-needed getaway. One way to remedy this craving is to take yourself or your family on a camping trip. You’ll be able to spend more time outdoors and unplugged, which may be especially ideal for those confined to their home offices for the majority of the pandemic.

Paddle it out

For those who are fortunate enough to live near a body of water, paddle boarding and kayaking are unrivaled options for those seeking a socially-distanced day outside. You’ll be able to enjoy the water as well as the surrounding nature and wildlife. Fearful of contracting the virus? You can make social-distance-friendly accommodations with paddle boarding with larger groups. If you and your friends are itching for an outing, hit the water.

Final thoughts

With the CDC mandating a modern form of solitary confinement, staying connected with loved ones and getting your recommended daily exercise can pose a challenge. But have no fear! After embarking on a kayaking trip or settling into the silence of a fishing trip, you’ll enjoy a renewed sense of vitality.

Do you know of any other Social Distance-Friendly Outdoor Activities to recommend?

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