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6 Signs You’ve Survived A Trip to Barcelona

Barcelona is a stunning place that is filled with culture and diversity. But if you’ve already been there or want to go, here are 6 reasons why you’ll probably go back!Take a look at this article to learn about six things you have to do when you have a Trip to Barcelona, Spain.

You’ve explored the mondernista architecture

Trip to Barcelona
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Barcelona has stunning architecture that is one of the notably famous things about the region. Many famous architects such as Gaudi, Puig I Cadafalch, and Domenech i Muntaner. In Barcelona, you can visit their works such as the Casa Amatller, Palau de la Musica and the Cada de les Terrades. There are also heritage sites that you can visit. The architecture is a great representation of the culture of Barcelona and gives a great back history.

You’ve witnessed original Picasso works

Pablo Picasso, famous visionary and artist, grew up in Barcelona. In fact, you may have seen his original works of art in the Museu Picasso, a museum dedicated to the works of Pablo Picasso. The museum opened in 1963 and while it doesn’t house the latest works of Picasso, it houses the works during his formative years. His most famous works are not in this facility, but there are works that led up to those loved by many. The collection features over 3500 pieces from him in multiple palaces.

You also know that the museum has free entrance every Sunday after 3pm on Sundays. If you download a free audio tour of the museum, make sure to use a VPN to avoid country restrictions. The Museo Picasso may be the cheapest way in Barcelona to spend a Sunday afternoon.

You’ve taken a dip in the stunning beaches

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No vacation is complete without a trip to the beach. Barcelona has over 2.5 miles of beaches spanned across its coast. Leading out to the Mediterranean Sea, you’ll be able to sit on the soft white sand and smell the sea air while having the breeze in your hair. Along the coastline are mountains in the distance as well as stunning buildings as the backdrop.

You’ve overloaded on pintxos

When you go on vacation, eating new foods is something that is essential and should be at the top of everyone’s list. Pintxos are known as Basque tapas. They are little finger foods technically eaten with toothpicks. They are made with saffron mayo, provolone cheese, mango, ham and chicken tempura. This is one of Barcelona’s most popular foods and many restaurants offer them. It’s all about finding the best one – instead of doing a sandwich tour on your vacation; try doing a Barcelona tour of pintxos!

You’ve survived the climb to Montjuïc

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Mount Montjuïc is a historic and stunning location in Barcelona that once housed the 1992 Olympic Games. Of course, architecture is very aesthetically pleasing in Barcelona and important to the region; Santiago Calatrava designed one of the buildings you’ll be able to see once you reach the top including the Olympic stadium and other cultural sites.

You’ve made it through the Festa de la Merce

This festival is one of the most well known cultural festivals that include activities for everyone, including children. There are performances, fireworks, and even free concerts with many different genres of music. This is truly a large celebration of Barcelona’s beauty and culture that no one should miss. When this happens, it usually sends off a domino effect of celebrations within the city. Most neighborhoods have their own celebration, so the whole city is having fun and celebrating culture together!


Barcelona is about beauty, art, and celebration. The architecture is notable as well as the passion and heart that is beaming throughout its residents and history. If you’ve been to Barcelona, you’re probably already planning a trip back and if you haven’t been yet, here are 6 reasons why you should already be there!

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