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6 Reasons Why I Now Always Travel with CBD on Me

For many, myself included, CBD oil has become a favorite daily supplement with a variety of benefits both mental and physical. Because I use CBD oil for so many different things, I always pack it with me when I travel.

While there wouldn’t necessarily be any negative consequences to leaving CBD behind, I prefer to have it on hand for daily use, that way I can keep my routine and receive the benefits. Here are 6 reasons why I now always travel with CBD on me.

6 Reasons Why I Now Always Travel with CBD on Me

6 Reasons to Travel with CBD

Treating Chronic Pain

If you’re dealing with chronic pain from an injury or pain in joints, CBD oil can help alleviate that chronic pain. When you’re traveling, you want to be at your best. You don’t want to limit the experiences that you can have because you’re nursing an injury.

CBD oil can benefit pain resulting both from joint inflammation and from the nervous system. It can be applied topically so that you can target pain where it is worst and begin to feel relief.

CBD oil is a natural way to supplement treatment from your doctor to see better results. If you’re planning on being on your feet often or being active while you travel, bring CBD oil with you so that you can get the most out of your time.

To Prevent Breakouts

CBD oil can improve skin health, moisturize, and fight acne. I use it as part of my daily skincare routine, and I know I’m not the only one. Many cosmetic and skincare companies have started to infuse their products with CBD oil.

Just because you’re traveling doesn’t mean that you can skip out on your skincare routine. In fact, there are many things about traveling that could negatively affect your complexion. Traveling can be stressful, you usually eat comfort food or unhealthy food, you may spend a lot of time in the sun, and all of these things are harmful to the health of your skin.

According to Healthcare Weekly, CBD oil combats acne by preventing acne-activating agents without drying out your skin. It prevents these agents from negatively affecting your skin while also reducing inflammation that causes irritated, red blemishes. 

Muscle Recovery

I’ve already mentioned that CBD can help with chronic nerve or joint pain, but it also can help with muscle recovery. If you’re like me and you love traveling to hike, camp outdoors, or if you partake in any physically demanding travel, CBD oil will be your best friend.

Soreness and muscle aches from exercise or muscle strain can put a major damper on the rest of your trip. Massaging your muscles with CBD oil like TerraVita CBD roll on for pain after a physically strenuous day can help alleviate soreness and help muscles recover more quickly.

The reason that CBD helps is because of its anti-inflammatory properties. This is the same reason that athletes ice muscles and injuries or take ice baths. It helps the body to recover quickly so that they can physically perform the next day.

Managing Stress and Anxiety

Traveling can be stressful, especially if you’re traveling for work or at a busy time like the holidays. No matter how you get where you’re going, each form of travel comes with its own stresses. On top of that, you may be in a strange new place or face various obstacles along the way.

Even if you’re traveling for pleasure, you will likely come across some anxiety-inducing moments. That’s where the CBD oil comes in. Taking CBD oil regularly can help reduce the frequency and severity of anxiety and stress claims Kyro magazine. It can also be taken in times of high stress and anxiety to help recover more quickly.

Whether you deal with anxiety on a daily basis or less frequently, having CBD oil on hand can help manage the symptoms. Anxiety and stress have the power to derail a fun outing, day, or even an entire trip. After spending so much time and money to plan your travels, make sure that you can actually enjoy them by preparing for stress and anxiety management.

Lower High Blood Pressure

Taking CBD oil regularly has some general health benefits including heart health. High blood pressure and heart disease runs in my family, so I’m always interested in supplements that can help lessen my chances of dealing with those in the future. 

According to one study, taking CBD can reduce blood pressure while at rest and during stress. High blood pressure can lead to a heart attack, stroke, weakened blood vessels, and a whole list of other risks.

I take CBD oil with me when I travel because it’s important to me that I maintain my routine of healthcare supplements, even while I’m on the road. Maintaining good health isn’t about doing something one time, it’s about creating healthy habits and keeping them up even when it’s inconvenient.

Better Sleep

We all sleep better at home than anywhere else. Hotel beds, tents, or, at worst, cramped airplane seats are not always conducive to a good night’s sleep. When you travel, you tire yourself out. Maybe you’re trying to get past the jet lag. Maybe you’re a light sleeper and your travel companion snores. No matter the situation, we could all use a better night’s sleep.

CBD oil helps reduces stress and anxiety, calming you physically and mentally so that it’s easier to fall asleep per CbdMag. It won’t knock you out like some sleep medications will, but it also won’t leave you feeling groggy and there’s no risk of dependence.

Chances are, you’re already exhausted, you just need some help quieting your thoughts and settling in for the night. CBD oil can help achieve that.

Bringing CBD oil with me when I travel has a lot of benefits. From improving the quality of the trip to stress management to overall health management, CBD oil is a great item to bring with you on the road. That’s why I always pack it with me, no matter where I’m headed. If you struggle with any of the issues mentioned in this post, CBD oil may be able to help you have better travels too!

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