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6 Reasons Dogs Eat Grass Whenever They Are Outdoors

Canines have a habit of eating all sorts of things that don’t exactly qualify as food, from shoes, paper, and furniture to dirt, toys, and grass. There’s no one proven reason that justifies why dogs eat non-nutritive objects that aren’t meant to be eaten. Nevertheless, here are six possible reasons that could explain why your furry friend often tries to snatch a mouthful or two of grass whenever they go outside.Have you ever wondered about the Reasons Dogs Eat Grass whenever you take them out on a walk or to a fun day at the park? Learn here

Reasons Dogs Eat Grass

6 Reasons Dogs Eat Grass

1- Separation Anxiety

A dog’s day is centered around their owner’s routine. Your pup will reluctantly watch you leave every day and anxiously await your return. Just like some people bite their fingernails when they feel nervous, some canines eat grass when they are anxious. To ease your dog’s separation anxiety, you could try leaving an old sweater in their crate so that your smell can comfort them when you’re not around.

2- Boredom

Whenever you’re busy or away, your furry friend will feel bored, so they may start to nibble on some grass to pass the time. If your pup eats grass when you’re lounging about together in the yard, it might be because they don’t have anything better to do. In that case, a couple of extra toys or a fun game of fetch will do the trick. If you have a particularly energetic dog, taking them for a long walk before you go about your business will help.

3- Nutritional Deficiency

If your pup recently got into the habit of eating grass, they might be suffering from a nutritional deficiency. According to Our Pooches’ post, 6 Reasons Dogs Eat Grass, if your dog’s diet fails to supply them with the needed amount of roughage, they might turn to grass since it’s a good source of fiber. Switching to a different kind of kibble with higher fiber content can prevent many digestive problems and keep your little furball from eating grass.

4- Upset Stomach

Another possible reason your furry companion may be eating grass is to induce vomiting to relieve their upset stomach. If this is a recurrent behavior, you should discuss it with your vet, as it could be a sign of a medical problem or food allergy.

Reasons Dogs Eat Grass

5- Thirst

If your pup likes to nibble on wet grass, they might be doing so in an attempt to lick or chew the dew off of it because they’re thirsty. When it comes to your fur baby’s health, water is as important as food, so make sure they always have access to fresh, clean water.

6- Instinctive Disposition

Your dog’s ancestors hunted and devoured their preys’ meat, bones, internal organs, and stomach contents. Eating the entire animal provided a fairly balanced diet, especially if the prey’s stomach contained grass, which – as we’ve mentioned before – is a good source of fiber. Although they don’t have to hunt for food, domesticated dogs will sometimes eat grass simply because it’s in their nature. Despite the above six logical explanations, we can’t overlook the most simple reason of them all; some dogs eat great because they like it! While the grass itself is generally harmless, the toxic pesticides and herbicides sprayed on it can make your dog sick. Moreover, they may end up ingesting intestinal parasites that often contaminate the grass. Regardless of why your pup eats grass, it’s not really the best snack for them, so try to stop them from nibbling on it every time they go outside by distracting them and using positive.

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