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6 Practical Packing Tips for Stylish Travelers

Choosing what to wear when you’re going on a holiday or a vacation can be a challenge. Not only do you have limited luggage space to work with, but you also need to find the perfect balance between style and function. That said, knowing what, when, and how to pack are crucial skills to master before you set out on your journey.Don’t know where to start? No worries. Here’s a summary of fashion experts have to say about Packing Tips for Stylish Travelers while also making sure to keep things practical.

Packing Tips for Stylish Travelers

Choose Easy-to-Match Clothing

In today’s busy world, being able to travel for leisure is considered a luxury. That’s why you wouldn’t want to waste any of your precious days off stressing over what to wear before heading out of your hotel room.

To streamline the process of dressing up each morning, choose fashion staples that are easy to pair with each other. This can include versatile items such as basic tees, leggings, tights, light jackets, and dresses, to name a few. It will also help to pick clothes that come in complementary colors. That way, you won’t have to worry about any pieces visually clashing with each other. You can add shackets to your collection as they are considered an ideal, year-round layering pieces.

Pack Light

Although some fashionistas believe that you shouldn’t hold back when choosing what to bring, this may not be the most practical nor realistic advice. More often than not, you’ll pack way more clothes than you’ll actually end up wearing. Additionally, you might want to shop for clothes at your destination, and you’ll need enough room in your luggage for these newly bought finds. Besides, the last thing you want to do is to look sweaty and haggard from hauling a heavy suitcase around.

Instead, consider packing light. Include only the truly essential things without sacrificing your sense of style. That way, not only can you maximize your luggage space, but you also don’t have to worry about a bulky suitcase cramping your style.

Pack Early

Finding the perfect clothing combinations isn’t something that you can pull off overnight, much less while in a rush. Give yourself enough time to sift through your closet so you can carefully assess which garments will be most appropriate for your destination’s climate and culture. This might also be a part of the packing process you’ll enjoy, as you’ll get to try on different outfits without the time pressure. 

As a reminder, make sure not to spend all of your packing time preparing just your clothes. You’ll also need enough time to pack all the other essentials for your trip, such as your personal documents, gadgets, chargers, toiletries, first aid kits, and anything else you plan to bring. If you put this task off until the last minute, there’s a high chance you’ll wind up leaving something behind while you’re on the way to the airport or, worse, already boarding the plane. So, start preparing your luggage at least a week before your trip to be on the safe side, and double-check everything at least a day or two before you leave.

Choose Your Shoes Well

The main purpose of your trip, is, of course, to travel. Stylishness can come in at a close second. That’s why it’s important to pick comfortable shoes that can keep up with you as you explore your surroundings.

Still, you don’t necessarily have to settle for a frumpy pair of footwear to pull this off. If you’ve followed the tips above so far, you’ll have plenty of space to squeeze in at least two pairs of shoes: one for glamor shots, and one for exploring the view. Your “practical” walking shoes will save your feet from sores and other pains as you go from one place to another. Whenever you’re in the mood to take an eye-catching selfie with a gorgeous backdrop, that’s when you can pull out your glamor shoes and flaunt them for the camera. Once you’re done, you can slip your walking shoes back on and get on with the rest of the day’s itinerary.

Make Room for a Few Key Accessories

Accessorizing can help accentuate or complement the rest of what you’re wearing. So, leave space for jewelry, watches, clips, or other accessories that you think will go best with your outfit. Since they’re small enough to stow into your luggage without eating up too much space, you can bring a few different sets of jewelry to add some variety to your outfits. Alternatively, you can bring just one pair of earrings, a single bracelet, and a single necklace, as long as they all pair well with every ensemble you’ve got planned.

Keep Your Accessories Organized

Packing accessories can be tricky. Because they’re so small, it’s easy for jewelry to get lost in the jumble of clothes within your suitcase. A simple solution is to place all of your trinkets in an easily identifiable container like a tiny medicine kit or a jewelry box. If possible, try to find a container that’s see-through so that you can quickly spot your jewelry while rummaging through your clothes.

You can also use a simple yet clever trick to keep your necklaces from tangling. Just take a necklace, unclasp it, thread one-half of it through a straw, and then re-clasp it. Voila—no more tangled messes!

In Conclusion

Packing in style doesn’t mean you have to deal with hauling bulky luggage around throughout the entire duration of your trip. However, you do have to put in the time and effort so that you can pack smart, not hard. To help you remember the tips and tricks mentioned above, here’s a quick recap:

  • It’s best to prepare your travel wardrobe ahead of time. This will give you enough leeway to finalize what color combinations you’ll want to use, what image you want to project, and what overall theme you’d like your looks to have. 
  • Make your life easier by sticking with the basics, and make sure to choose a unified color palette for all of your outfits.
  • Pick a few key accessories to help accentuate your style. 
  • Whenever possible, choose function over fashion so that you can stay comfortable and pain-free during your trip.

In short: plan ahead, pack leisurely, and only bring what you truly need. As long as you follow these pieces of advice, you’re good to go.

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