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6 of Europe’s Best Ice Fishing Sports to Try this Winter

Winter is on its way, and you might be wondering what you’ll do with yourself throughout the season. It’s possible that staying inside doesn’t appeal to you. If you are an angler or are considering becoming one, however, the season should not be a deterrent.

Ice fishing is also a fun activity to try in the winter. For both novice and experienced anglers, it is one of the most thrilling experiences. It isn’t without its challenges, though. Furthermore, if you are a beginner, it is always recommended that you use a guide to quickly master the techniques while remaining safe. It’s also imperative you bring the right equipment, so read up on some ice fishing tents reviews before you leave!

The question is, where can you go ice fishing in Europe? Don’t be alarmed! Here are six of Europe’s best ice fishing spots worth your time.

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The 6 best ice fishing spots in Europe

Stockholm, Sweden

Sweden is a beautiful city where you will want to go fishing. The Stockholm waters and surrounding rivers are teeming with fish even in the dead of winter. You can also fish without restrictions because you don’t need a license.

Trout, Northern Pike, Perch, and Salmon are all common species in Stockholm. However, if you travel to nearby rivers, you can go saltwater fishing in the Baltic Sea. You can catch Sea Trout, Salmon, and Cod here.

After you’ve finished fishing, you can visit nearby tourist attractions such as Gamla Stan, Stockholm’s old town. The location has a great deal to offer. You can visit their museums, galleries, and palaces on long trips. Don’t forget to take some breathtaking photos at the bizarre metro station to preserve the memories.

Reykjavik, Iceland

Ice fishing is a popular activity in Reykjavik, one of Iceland’s mythical cities. The country’s volcanic landscape and sheer isolation provide you with one-of-a-kind fishing opportunities. And, as a result of the country’s long fishing heritage, some of the best-managed fisheries in the world can be found there.

Drive to Lake Thingvallavatn from Reykjavik. Trophy Brown Trout, weighing up to 30 pounds, can be caught here, as well as Arctic Char. Other species to hunt include halibut, haddock, pollock, and cod as you travel further out into the ocean. Not only that, but you can also catch wild salmon in other rivers in Iceland.

When it’s time to take a break from fishing, head to one of the city’s outdoor pools to soak in the thermal waters, or visit a spa for a relaxing treatment. Take photos of the magnificent Hallgrimskirkja church and the city’s immaculate wooden houses as well.

Galway, Ireland

Galway has many lakes teeming with fish, making it one of the best ice fishing destinations in Europe. Traveling north, you arrive at Lough Corrin, which is teeming with Salmon, Sea Trout, and Brown Trout. Lake Lough Derg lies to the east and south, and mayfly madness is common in April and May. You can also catch black crappie, rock bass, yellow perch, pumpkinseed, and walleye in Galway Bay.

Aside from the variety of fish available in Ireland, the relaxed angling regulations make fishing more enjoyable. Unless you’re after Sea Trout or Salmon, you don’t need a license to fish in any lake. All you need to do is keep an eye on the local limits and you’ll be able to enjoy world-class fishing.

Galway has more to offer than just fishing. After landing your catch, you can attend live music drifts and art festivals in the Cultural Heart of Ireland. However, if you enjoy being outside, go horseback riding in Connemara.

Ammassalik, Greenland

This is one of Europe’s most remote ice fishing locations, where you can hunt the catch while taking in the breathtaking scenery. Ammassalik is located in Eastern Greenland, and the fjords there are both beautiful and home to trophy fish. A Greenland Shark weighing up to 440 pounds and halibut weighing up to 110 pounds can be caught here.

From January to April, the best time to visit Ammassalik is when the ice begins to thicken. However, to avoid getting lost on your way there, always take guided tours. In addition, the guide will teach you how to ice fish and take you on arctic excursions. It is also an opportunity for you to learn about Greenlandic culture.

Oulu, Finland

During the winter, Oula is an excellent location for ice fishing. As you reel in species such as roach, perch, and whitefish, you will be treated to a spectacular view of the frozen sea and the city. There is no need for a license, so you can visit the location without restriction.

However, for a fun experience, it is always best to consider guided fishing trips to Oulu. Most tours will provide you with all of the necessary tackle as well as an ice fishing fish finder; all you need is your insurance and winter clothing.

In Oulu, fishing isn’t the only thing to do. After you’ve finished angling, take some nice photos of some of the city’s beautiful old buildings. Ainola Park is also worth a visit, as are craft beer bars like Mallaskelleri.


Norway is a dream destination for ice fishing as well as deep-sea and fjord fishing. Many of the country’s lakes freeze over during the winter, making it ideal for catching fish like cod, sea trout, haddock, coalfish, and mackerel. Winter is also the best season for fishing because the fishing spots are less crowded, allowing for more solitude and hunting space.

In addition to enjoying ice fishing in Norway, you will have a good chance to see the northern lights and whales during the season. You can also participate in outdoor winter sports such as dog sledding, snowmobiling, and skiing. 

Final Thoughts

During the winter, fishing does not have to be put on hold. The ice fishing spots I’ve highlighted above will provide you with an exciting ice fishing adventure. Just remember to dress warmly, which includes good ice fishing bibs, prepare your tackle, do some research on what to expect, and head out to one of the spots. Your winters will never be the same after you’ve done it once!

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