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6 Mesmerizing Coastal Countries Where You Can Enjoy Your Summer Vacation

If you’re looking to spend some time by the sea or ocean this summer, you might be overwhelmed by the options available. The following will present you with six spectacular coastal vacation options, with special attention paid to places that are stunning in the summertime.Six spectacular Coastal Countries options, with special attention paid to places that are stunning in the summertime.Check this below list.

Coastal Countries

Napali Coast, Hawaii, United States of America

It’s almost impossible to talk about coastal summer vacations without discussing Hawaii. The Napali Coast is a 17-mile tropical paradise along Kauai’s northern coast. It’s rugged and full of sweeping cliffs and beaches. Hike, snorkel, lounge, and take a boat tour. Soak up the ocean air and spend hours sightseeing or sailing. You probably already have an image of Napali Coast in your mind, as this is one of the main establishing shots used in films and television shows when Hawaii comes up.

Dalmatian Coast, Croatia

Here’s another coastal vacation spot that you might already know without knowing. The Dalmatian Coast in Croatia was featured in the television show Game of Thrones often. The coast connects you to the Mediterranean Sea and has gorgeous beaches and stunning medieval stone cities to explore, including the UNESCO world heritage city of Dubrovnik. Croatia has Roman emperor’s palaces that are still standing. The history, architecture, and heritage are unbelievable, coupled with stunning Mediterranean beaches—what else could you ask for. 

Cliffs Of Moher, Ireland

If you’re interested in a cooler climate for your summer (not everyone can handle equator temperatures come summertime, and there’s no shame in that), why not consider the Cliffs of Moher in Ireland. Ocean waves crash into giant cliffs amid a wash of deep green hills. Ireland is a friendly, easy-going travel destination full of comfort foods and moody landscapes. A little rain is inevitable, but it doesn’t have to ruin the trip. It can actually add to the ambiance.

Coastal Countries

Lofoten Islands, Norway

Dramatic, moody ocean towns filled with colorful villages of all sizes, the Lofoten Islands are a major attraction in Scandinavia. Mountains and arctic fjords provide the perfect backdrop for hiking, kayaking, fishing, skiing, climbing, and arctic surfing. Consider renting a car and driving along the coast, stopping in teeny fishing villages whenever the mood strikes.

Andalusian Coast, Spain

Along the south of Spain, there are stunning feats of Moorish architecture in the Andalusian style that will completely refresh your mindset and kindle deep reverence for the past. So not only are you surrounded by beautiful, completely unique cityscapes, but you’re right next to the Mediterranean Sea, meaning you get all the summer, beachy vibes. The food and wine are also spectacular, and this destination is particularly rewarding for anyone with an inkling towards the religious or spiritual, as the churches and cathedrals and mosques and temples are full of the vibrant energy of hundreds of years of pilgrimages and faithful experiences.

Cinque Terre, Italy

The Mediterranean is coming up on this list a lot because it has lovely temperatures, and rich history, and delectable foods. Full of gorgeous footpaths and fishing towns, the Cinque Terre coastline of Italy is perfect for sunny hikes and weeks spent outdoors in balmy, breezy Italy.

The above list should have given you a few ideas of travel destinations for your summer vacation. Of course, these coasts are only a few of the countless magical travel destinations in the world.

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