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6 Essentials for a Smooth and Enjoyable Road Trip

Road trips are an American staple vacation due to their spontaneity. However, their unpredictable nature means you can run into emergencies like a health issue, tire puncture, or engine failure. This is why it’s essential to have the right resources, a flexible plan, and an open mind. Here are a few things to take with you so you can have the best trip possible:

  1. Sufficient Food 

You cannot always rely on gas station stores or restaurants, so stock yourself well before going. Pack some healthy go-to meals and energy boosters, like  bagged popcorn, baby carrots or dried cranberries to keep your energy level up. This way, you won’t spend too much money at overpriced restaurants and stores. Also, you can avoid getting food poisoning or diarrhea in unknown places. 

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  1. Rooftop Tents 

Rooftop tents are ideal for long-distance traveling. They let you stop by and relax without the hassle of finding shelter to camp while protecting you from bugs or insects biting during camping. Rooftop tents are also easy to install. You can get them online from sites such as iKamper. They come in various sizes and are easy to fix on your car’s rooftop.

  1. Power Bank

Keeping your phone battery full is essential when going to a new place because that is your only way to communicate with others in case of need. Make sure you pack a good quality power bank and an extra set of cables with you. 

If you are having difficulty deciding which power bank to get, consider its capacity given in mAh. Power banks with 20,000+ mAh capacity are sufficient to keep all your portable devices charged for a day, and are preferred by travelers. 

  1. Medicine 

Traveling to new places can risk exposure to new kinds of germs. Some people also get motion sickness during the journey. You must pack medication to treat potential fevers, headaches, loose motion, and nausea. Some common medications that travelers prefer to take with them include Gravol (Dimenhydrinate) to treat nausea and Paracetamol for body aches. Keep some information on nearby hospitals beforehand in case of any unfortunate circumstances. 

  1. Lumbar Pillow

Driving for long periods can strain your back muscles, and spinal alignment may suffer when you are behind the wheel for an extended time. You can reduce stress on your back muscles by buying a lumbar pillow. This will allow your back muscles to relax by supporting your spine’s natural curve and let you focus more on your trip. Make sure to get a lumbar pillow that is 4 inches thick at the center at maximum, or you may increase your risk of back pain.

  1. Headlamp or Flashlight

A headlamp or flashlight will be useful on a road trip in case of an unexpected vehicle breakdown at night. In addition, a headlamp is a valuable gear for hiking and camping. It keeps your hands free so you can better focus on the task at hand. Since the headlamp is affixed to your head, you can always have lightning in the direction of your vision. Headlamps typically have stronger beams for you to see long distances in the dark. 


Road trips can take your mind off stressful things and promote happiness. Consider your safety and convenience when planning them. By being prepared, you can help ensure that your road trip is smooth and enjoyable.

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