6 Essential Gears That Every Bicyclist Must Have

6 Essential Gears That Every Bicyclist Must Have
In this post we discuss 6 essential pieces of gear that every cyclist must have.

If you’re thinking about getting into cycling and you are not exactly sure what you’ll need to get things going, here are a few essential gears that every cyclist must have.

Of course, at the top of the list is obviously a bicycle, so no surprises there. However, beyond that, there’s some stuff you’ll need for a smooth journey.

Remember, if you get injured in a bicycle accident, don’t hesitate to call a lawyer to help you out with your personal injury claim.

Anyway, as you start getting more and more into cycling, there are a few things that help make the whole experience a lot more enjoyable and comfortable.

Padded Shorts

If all you’re going to be doing is just short rides, for instance, to school or the office, then regular clothing should do just fine.

However, if you plan on taking your riding seriously and intend on tackling longer distances, then you may want to consider getting a pair of quality padded shorts. Your buttocks will thank you. You can wear them on your own or conceal them under baggy pants/shorts if you find that better.

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This item is second on the list, but safety should always come first.

Even in the smallest of bicycle accidents, a helmet can mean the difference between life and death. Helmets have come an incredibly long way. The helmets on the market these days are way more versatile, stylish, and comfortable than they once were.

Mountain bike helmets, for example, usually have an adjustable visor and feature more coverage.

Road bike helmets, on the other hand, are usually lighter and have more ventilation, so the rider can forget they’re wearing them.

Spare Tube

While patch kits and gear can prove incredibly helpful, replacement tubes are the best way to ensure you’ll be fine when you get a flat tire.

Tubes will typically fit certain tire ranges, and they have two different valve styles: Shcrader (the fat one, which is similar to what you find in cars) and Presta (the skinny one). Before going to shop for a spare tube, check the valve on the bike’s rim and the size of the tires.


You have the tube; now what you need next is something that can help you get air into the tire. There are mounted bike pumps that’ll mount your bike frame’s water bottle cage. Most bike frame pumps are tiny enough that you can toss them into a backpack. CO2 inflators and cartridges are not only an easy way to pump air onto your tire but are also pretty convenient when trouble strikes.

6 Essential Gears That Every Bicyclist Must Have
A helmet is one of the most essential pieces of gear a cyclist must have and is extremely important when it comes to safety.


Having a versatile multi-tool on you can mean the difference between having to walk back to your car or continuing your cycling experience.

Multi-tools can help adjust any screw or bolt on the bike. Most of these tool sets include Torx wrenches, Allen wrench sets include Phillips and flathead screwdrivers and some even come with a chain-breaking tool.


You’ve got to see and be seen when you’re out on the road.

Quality light sets will illuminate the road in front of you. In fact, good lighting when on a bike might be just as important as having on a helmet. Alerting other cyclists, as well as other motorists and pedestrians is important to help ensure your safety when you’re on the roads or trails with your bike.

Most high-quality lights come in USB-rechargeable and battery-operated solutions.

Final Thoughts

The gear mentioned in this article is vital for a safe trip. They will come in handy when disaster strikes.

But even the safest bicyclists get hurt due to the negligence of others. In such circumstances, it is essential to seek the services of an experienced bicycle accident lawyer.

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Last Updated on February 25, 2024

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