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6 Eccentric Ways to Travel the World (For the Truly Adventurous)

They say the journey is more beautiful than the destination

And for a true adventurer traveling by train, bus or plane may seem too monotonous already. You might be thinking if there are ways to travel except for these.

Yes, there are some unique ways to reach your destination making the journey the most memorable!

Woman with pink suitcase and beach hat standing on passengers ladder and getting out of airplane opposite sea coastline with palm trees. Tourism concept
Woman with pink suitcase and beach hat standing on passengers ladder and getting out of airplane opposite sea coastline with palm trees. Tourism concept

1. Hire a Dogsled

It might sound childish but people have been traveling by dogsled for longer than a millennium now. 

While people used this mode to cover a longer distance, now it has become an entertainment ride in snow-filled countries. You can feel like you are a part of The Call of The Wild movie while traveling through the Alaskan outdoors with the pack of sled dogs. 

2. Double Decker Bus

Do you often go on road trips with a group of friends or family members? Does it become hectic to book tickets at the last moment?

A solution to all these problems can be investing in a double-decker bus. That way, you can go on an adventurous journey whenever you please – just like those 9 friends from 1969 who covered almost 7 to 8 countries with their double-decker bus, Hairy Pillock 2

The spacious nature of a double-decker bus allows many passengers to explore the city at once. It has designated areas for those who are carrying luggage or strollers with them or for those who are in a wheelchair.

Many innovations like the right-hand drive double-decker buses have been made to make these buses more efficient for the passengers. This variant also allows the passengers to enjoy the city view by being on the open top. 

Choose this distinctive way to navigate through the busy roads of a city while enjoying an elevated view of the surroundings.

3. Cruise

While on a cruise, you can imagine yourself in a floating city. With a vast stretch of water around you and luxurious facilities at your service, you can enjoy a relaxing journey. 

This journey can give you a glimpse of what you might experience on a trip by giving you choices between different restaurants, casinos and clubs. 

Even if you’re planning to go solo on a cruise, you won’t ever feel alone as you’ll have thousands of people around you and hundreds of activities to keep you busy. 

4. Hot Air balloon

Imagine seeing a picturesque landscape through a bird’s eye that will allow you to appreciate nature from a whole different perspective. Hot air ballooning offers you a chance to encounter this magical experience. 

Being in a colorful hot air balloon, you can enjoy the gentle breeze touching your face and spot migratory flocks of birds flying right beside you. 

In a similar ride in Cappadocia, Turkey you’ll feel like you’re living in a fairytale. The pleasant setting of the place, with a landscape shining with the light of the setting Sun and hundreds of balloons in the sky, gives travelers an amazing moment to cherish forever.

5. Cycling

What could be more connecting than feeling the terrain of each place you pass just beneath your wheels?

You can hear distinct sounds, smell a variety of scents, and enjoy different sights along with improving your health while traveling on a bicycle.

Traveling by bicycle is a good option if you want to slow down for a bit, pause and enjoy the beauty around you and also, take advantage of the many benefits it has to offer.

6. Bamboo Train

Last but definitely not least, the bamboo train stands out as a unique way to travel. From the origin to the final destination it will give you deeper insights of the culture.

Developed as a solution for transporting goods, a Bamboo train has now become one of the favorite options to travel among adventure seekers.

Adventurers visit Cambodia, where the bamboo train first originated, to experience the fascinating thrill and to connect with the local culture.  


Of course, to gain a new perspective you will need to step out of your comfort zone. 

By hopping on one of these travel modes, you can collect some fascinating experiences and memories before you even reach the destination. 

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