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6 Brilliant Travel Accessories Every Traveler Must Have in 2019

Traveling is a lifestyle, and improving that is something all of us aim to do. If you travel frequently it is a good idea to invest in travel accessories which make the entire trip a lot easier. Be it may day trips or family trips to different countries, keeping yourself fit in the bus rides or the airport is of utmost importance.Six travel accessories that you can never leave behind when you go traveling to a new destination.Take a look at a list of travel accessories.

The following travel accessories are handpicked to ensure that the next time you head out it becomes an experience you do not associate with travel sickness.

Brilliant Travel Accessories

Travel Accessories Every Traveler Must Have

1. Travel Fleece

The kind of sleep you get while you are wrapped up in a fleece is not something you can experience when you sleep around without something on you. It is super important to carry your special micro blanket around so that your time on the airplane is not spent trying to adjust to an airline blanket. Similarly, you can take out your fleece as you wait for a bus, for the next flight, or in the event that something gets delayed and you are forced to stay back in an inherently uncomfortable place.

The best part about having your own fleece with you is the comfort it brings; you take a bit of home along with you while you travel with it. Check reviews of hearing aid dryers in case you wish to take special care of yourself while you travel.

2. Travel Jacket Hoodie

Comfort is the first priority when you are traveling, and the only experience can teach you that special travel accessories are worth the effort of purchasing them. It is a good idea to search up on these hoodies and get a couple which allows you the luxury of carrying your items safely. In these hoodies you will find passport pockets, pen holders, bottle holders, touch phone pockets, etc. and while you may not be used each of these compartments their existence will make you feel comfortable.

You will notice that these hoodies will not lose their comfort as you load them with more stuff, but in exchange, the weight you lift off of your backpack will be quite significant. You’ll feel like an automated being ready for traveling with all your items locked and loaded.

Travel Accessories

3. Universal Adapter

Increased digitization and a boost in the number of gadgets that you carry with yourself have led to this problem of finding charging ports everywhere. You will find that ports are available, but those sockets will not be suitable for plugging in the wires that you have, especially when you travel abroad.

This is where the need for a universal adapter steps in. These adapters are quite available on markets online, and electronic stores and their major benefit is that different pinned sockets will not pose a problem in fitting them. Some of these adapters also come with USB ports and mobile pins which can be lifted or lowered at will. It looks like a cube from the future with a number of ports, and can really make you’re traveling a lot easier.

4. Bluetooth Speaker

Traveling with a bunch of friends is not nearly as much fun without taking the music with you. Playing songs on your way to your travel destination, singing along to them, and creating a vibe of your own have a unique feeling to it. The reason why your speaker needs to be Bluetooth is that most other speakers require a power source, and using your phone/laptop’s battery for that purpose is not a smart option.

Brilliant Travel Accessories

You can take your experience and safety up a notch by buying a speaker which is waterproof, has extra battery life, or has an extra feature such as a jack for charging your phone. It offers the luxury of carrying a multipurpose device which can be charged and used in various ways, making your travel a lot more convenient.

5. First Aid Kit

Ensuring safety while heading to the world outside is very important because there will be times when you will not find a clinic nearby or an ambulance to call. This is where you need to be trained in emergency medical treatment to some degree, and have a first aid kit that supports that skill of yours.

Your first aid kit must include general all-purpose painkillers, anti-allergies, and any important antibiotic/relievers if you are aware of a medical condition a travel mate of yours is going through. Muscle sprain sprays, band-aids etc. are also important for you to keep in your first aid kit. It basically needs to be your first fallback if a medical emergency occurs. You can also keep a little amount of medical marijuana to get rid of muscular pains and stress while traveling. Marijuana is beneficial to treat anxiety as well. You can find here cannabis dispensaries online in Canada.

Brilliant Travel Accessories

6. Power Bank

It is annoying how our life circulates digital items, and as much as we try to defend it, we know that every other minute without our phone we tend to feel a little left out. While traveling, you can excuse yourself of that guilt and ensure that you take pictures of all the memories that you make as you travel. The minute you decide to do something like that, however, is the minute when your phone will start giving you signals of powering down.

Power banks act as the extra battery banks that ensure your phone and other mini devices stay up and running. Depending on their full charge capacity, you get the comfort that your phone will not be out of battery anytime soon because you can simply plug it in. Purchasing a power bank for your trips, therefore, should be a major priority.


While you pack these incredible type of travel accessories for your next trip inside the country or somewhere in a new land, do not forget to pack the party spirit that resides within you. You can have all the accessories and relaxing mechanisms in the world and still feel a hint of discomfort inside if you are unwilling to compromise and make the most out of your trip. So make the right purchases, and head out on trips that form a permanent part of your life.

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