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6 Breathtaking Locations For a Wellness Holiday

Wellness travel is a great antidote to burnout. With the rise of digital industries, screen fatigue and too much sitting started to trouble the modern man. So, when they finally get their annual leave, a lot of people choose wellness over beach-and-sand tourism. Having a desire to go offline and nourish your senses, mind, and body?Here are places that will Breathtaking Locations For a Wellness Holiday.

Zermatt, Switzerland

European inland has a long tradition of spa tourism. Because it is located in the middle of the Alps, Switzerland has been a famous wellness travel destination for centuries. 

It is one of the greenest and cleanest countries in the world. There are countless thermal baths and mountain spas all over the country.

Zermatt, a little town on the very border with Italy, offers a myriad of opportunities for self-indulgence. Enjoy warm baths and saunas in spa resorts, or take a hike to mountain peaks and glaciers. 

Also, if you ever feel the need for some adrenaline rush, you can book a tandem paragliding flight with Verbier Summits and see the whole of the canton of Valais from the air.

Breathtaking Locations For a Wellness Holiday

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

When we think of Milwaukee, most of us think of beer. However, Milwaukee hides much more than long parties and hangovers.

There are numerous yoga retreat events happening throughout the whole year. They are usually located in pine woods, on the lakefront, or in the city itself. 

So, if you would like to test your willpower by resisting beer and doing some Wim Hof guided breathwork, Milwaukee is your next destination.

Also, taking a one-hour Milwaukee to Madison bus ride could transport you to the whole other dimension of wellness. In Madison, you could experiment with innovative wellness experiences, such as floatation therapy and sensory deprivation. 

Breathtaking Locations For a Wellness Holiday


Beskydy mountains, Czech Republic

The natural beauty of Czech plains and mountains was a travel sanctuary for European nobility in the 18th and 19th centuries. Today, the Czech Republic opens its doors to millions of tourists every year. 

While Prague remains the most famous destination, the majority of tourists still go there to feel the rejuvenating power of Czech spas.

One of the most charming wellness regions in the Czech Republic is located in the Beskydy mountains. This gorgeous mountain range in the Eastern part of the country hides countless spa resorts. Surrounded by spectacular mountain scenery, it is possible to enjoy the crisp forest breeze, Kneipp baths, or bathing in hot mineral springs. 

Ibiza, Spain

According to some of the health and fitness blogs, Ibiza is much more than a party destination. This sunny Mediterranean island has numerous options for a lavish wellness holiday. 

Enjoy vibrant Spanish culture and bliss out practicing yoga among orange trees in Atzaro, one of the most famous wellness resorts in Ibiza. You can unwind on meditation workshops, do pilates, or relish simple walks in the colorful gardens.

Furthermore, Ibiza has some alternative and innovative ways of nourishing your body. For example, the Body Camp program combines traditional workouts with superfood shots, detox techniques, and a variety of team activities.

Breathtaking Locations For a Wellness Holiday


Black Forest, Germany

German Swartzwald is another traditional European spa destination. Located in Southwestern Germany, even ancient Romans called it a place where you can restore “health through water”. 

Only around Friedrichsbad, there are 17 different bathing stations. Apart from natural hot springs, the Black Forest region is rich with stunning green landscapes and medieval architecture.

There are also some interesting activities to look for. For example, near Singersbach, you can experience a several kilometers barefoot hike. Restore your connection with nature and inner wilderness by feeling earth, grass, and sand under your feet. 

Also, the experience will reactivate your five senses by smelling flowers, guessing mysterious sounds, and discovering secret objects only by touching them.

Blackpool, UK

With its sunny beaches, Blackpool has been a favorite weekend destination in the UK for decades.

The city has many resorts and hotels with wellness options. And of course, there are plenty of destinations to visit in and around the town. From historic sites to amusement parks, all generations will find something interesting to do and see in Blackpool. 

Around Blackpool, there is a number of charming little towns you can visit if you ever wish to escape the city buzz.

Breathtaking Locations For a Wellness Holiday

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