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5 Ways Your Phone Is the Ultimate Solo Travel Companion

Solo traveling can be an amazing experience that informs your perspective of the world, widens the mind, and provides memories that will last a lifetime. However, it can also be an incredibly daunting experience, fraught with challenges that can easily overwhelm or even leave you in a dangerous situation.

This is why it is crucial to arm yourself with the right tools for the job. 

Packing the right equipment and supplies for your traveling journey is always necessary, but there is one device in particular that has made traveling far easier, safer, and less lonely – the smartphone.

By bringing your phone with you every step of the way, you will put yourself in a far better position to enjoy your travels for many key reasons. 

For example, your phone can help you call for help if you find yourself in a dangerous situation, or you suffer unexpected health issues. It can help you navigate your way around new cities, countries, and continents you know little about. It can also entertain you when you are feeling bored or lonely, help keep you in contact with your loved ones, and even assist with daily challenges like booking accommodation and dealing with currency exchange issues.

Here are five ways your phone is the ultimate solo travel companion:

You can play games on it

One of the most useful reasons why your phone is such a great travel companion is that it can entertain you during quiet or lonely moments of your solo traveling adventures. 

While traveling can be incredibly exciting, it also involves a lot of low energy moments – such as when you are waiting for a transport connection, passing the time in your accommodation at night, or struggling to distract yourself from missing home. 

This is where phone-based entertainment can help. 

By playing games on your phone, you can pass the time more easily, engage yourself when you are bored, and distract yourself from any negative emotions you may feel.

It is important to state that there is nothing wrong with being bored, lonely, or missing home. Everyone experiences it at certain points during solo travel, so you should not always rush to fill the void.

However, if you do want to play games on your smartphone, you could try multiple different genres. One with a lot of great options right now is casino gaming. As well as poker, table games, and more, a huge subgenre of casino games are slots. This is because slots are fast-paced, exciting, and easy to play on the go, making it a great game for those that are traveling. Be sure to check out cafe casino slots, which offer a large variety of games to try your hands on.

It can get you out of trouble

Arguably the most important reason why your phone is the ultimate solo travel companion is that it can help to get you out of any trouble you encounter

For example, you may find yourself feeling unsafe at certain points of your trip. This is more likely when traveling because you are in alien territory and uncertain about which areas to visit and which you should avoid.

Furthermore, it is difficult to trust strangers, especially if you have the appearance of a tourist and you struggle to understand their language. Having your phone on you gives you the ability to call for help – whether friends you have met along the way or the relevant authorities. 

It may be that you suddenly feel unwell or suffer a medical emergency. Having your phone on you helps you to receive immediate assistance, even if you don’t know where you are.

You can use it to navigate

Another compelling benefit of a smartphone during solo travel is navigation. While a unique feeling of satisfaction can only be derived from reading an old-fashioned map, it is hardly the fastest or most reliable method of navigating a travel destination

Instead, you can quickly find your way around a new town, city, or country by using a phone-based navigation app – whether you are on foot or in a car. 

This is an invaluable tool to have at your disposal because you can quickly become lost and even endangered if you stray off the beaten path in many destinations. Having your phone on you allows you to keep your bearings and get to your destination faster. 

Phone payments reduce the need to have local currency

One of the most underrated challenges of foreign solo travel is the complication of exchanging to local currencies.

This problem is exacerbated when you are traveling through multiple countries, all with different currencies. While it is important to carry at least a little cash (in case you run into trouble or the country doesn’t accept cards), you can also complete a lot of purchases using a phone-based payment system.

Naturally, some countries have implemented this system more than others, but as the world rapidly adopts phone-based payment, you will find it easier to pay for items regardless of currency. 

It keeps you in contact with friends and family

Lastly, your phone can help you to stay in touch with your loved ones when you are off traveling the world.

Everyone feels homesick at some point during solo travel, so it is important to keep talking to your friends and family back home. This could be via video chat, on social media, or just the occasional text. 

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