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5 Ways to Stay Productive When Working Remotely

We’re all learning how to work from home and trying to get good at it. Maybe when people look back at the 2020s, it’ll be seen as the decade where we started working from home and spending more time with the family unit. We’re all learning how to work from home and trying to get good at it. Here are some tips about Ways to Stay Productive When Working Remotely.

Ways to Stay Productive When Working Remotely

But there are drawbacks, and getting mentally into the work zone is hard for some people. Here are some tips to get you started.

1. Eliminate Distractions

When the COVID pandemic first hit, it was common to see kids and pets running into the frame on interview shows. While kids and pets are super cute, they also derail your thought process and make you less productive.

To supercharge your productivity, you need to give your brain room to focus. That means loving your family, friends, and hobbies during your free time and concentrating on work during work time.

2. Designate a Workspace

Having a desk means that all of your equipment will be set up and easy to find. You won’t waste time looking for your headphones or finding the power charger. Everything will be right where you left it, and it’ll start to feel homey after a while.

Keeping everything organized also helps you build rituals and habits. It’ll be easier to get into a productive zone if you habitually walk over to a certain location and do something repeatedly.

Consider getting one of the best work-from-home laptops to make your setup complete. Nowadays, having a great webcam, good connectivity, and enough power can make a difference.

Connect the laptop to a 27-inch monitor, keyboard, and mouse for some extra sizzle. This gives you the benefits of a large desktop workstation while having the portability and webcam of a laptop.

3. Get Started Early in the Morning

At the very least, you should still wake up at a normal time and get to work at least as early as you did when you went into the office. That might give you a little extra time in the morning because you don’t need to commute, but you still need to get busy.

Reducing your commute doesn’t mean taking it easy. You still need to put in the same total effort to get the same results. Getting it done early in the day means that you won’t be sweating deadlines, which will reduce your stress.

4. Get Started Very Early in the Morning

Going to bed at 7 in the evening and waking up at 2 in the morning works for some people. You get an extra 5 or 6 hours of quiet work time before the rest of the world starts getting busy, which gives you a window of outstanding focus.

You end up with the ability to crunch last-minute out your meeting prep, and you avoid the time-wasting social life you would have had if you were up all evening. That might feel sad, but work is like that sometimes.

5. Multitask Sometimes

You need to prioritize important tasks and give them as much brain space as possible. If your number one task of the day is writing an important report, then you need to give your brain as much room as possible to think only about the report. That means no phone calls, daydreaming, or Netflix.

In general, multitasking is bad, and you should never do it. It robs you of focus, and you lose the ability to focus on your main task. But if the main task is waiting in line, maybe losing focus isn’t so bad?

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