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5 Ways to Save Money During High Season Travel

Do you want to save money on high season travel? Are you struggling to fund what is meant to be the family holiday of a lifetime? Is the cost of travel getting you down? If you answered yes to any of those questions, do not fear! Luckily for you and your travel companions, there are countless ways you can save money on a peak season holiday, without missing out! Having a savings fund for your holiday is only the first step to ensuring you can get the best holiday for the cheapest price. While a direct payday loan may provide you with help in a financial emergency, such as an unexpected medical bill, should one occur prior to or during your holiday, having a separate fund for your holiday is important.Five travel tips that will allow you to save money or travel on the cheap during high season travel.Learn all of my top travel tips.

Whilst you may have to restrict the amount of gourmet meals you consume while abroad, simply planning your holiday early can help save you a lot of money that you can spend on holiday. Discover five ways to save money on a peak season holiday below.

5 Ways to Save Money During High Season Travel

Don’t go Broke During High Season Travel

1. Plan Early

Ultimately, one of the best ways to save money on a peak season holiday is to plan early. If you are booking your flights or train ticket independently, for example, and you want to attain the cheapest prices, ideally you should begin booking now if you haven’t already. Depending on when you want to travel, in essence, July or August aren’t that far away, and with February on its way, it will be the May half-term before you know it!

Nevertheless, booking the best value package holiday is a little more complicated as numerous operators toggle their prices about, and thus it can be difficult to identify exactly when you will get the best price. However, even though offers, such as free child places, can save you a considerable amount of money, you should refrain from looking at the total when comparing costs of a holiday. Primarily, you want to research exactly what you are receiving and not just the price you pay.

2. Consider A Home Swap

We understand that you may be sceptical about partaking in a home swap, but hear us out! Home swaps can in fact save you a significant amount of money on a peak season holiday, as you won’t have to worry about the cost of accommodation. As always, we suggest that you use a reputable home swap website to ensure everything is legitimate when it comes to living in someone else’s home for a week, and a stranger making themselves comfortable in your home! This will also help ensure proper insurance arrangements are in black and white. Home Exchange, HomeLink and Homebase are amongst the top three home swap agencies.

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3. Opt For A City Break

If you haven’t already considered going on a city break, we strongly suggest that you do! Compared to a full-blown family holiday in the Bahamas, a cutesy city break costs much less to fund – and you can have just as good of a time roaming the streets of Italy as you can when making a splash in Thailand! Moreover, there are numerous benefits of a short break. Not only are short breaks much easier on the wallet, but you will feel far more productive having had multiple short mental breaks throughout the year than going on one 2-week long holiday abroad. With that in mind, why not opt for multiple city breaks this year instead?

4. Travel During The Week

Traveling during the week is good for two reasons; the first being that traveling during the week will help you save a significant amount of money thanks to reduced-cost accommodation and flights, and secondly, if you plan it right, you won’t have to use as much of your annual leave! In fact, midweek travel is nearly always less expensive than traveling on Saturday in particular. Moreover, you will have a far more pleasant experience traveling since airports and ferry ports alike will be considerably quieter weekdays.

5. Save On Car Hire

We understand that the cost of car hire has become increasingly problematic over the years as businesses try to keep the advertised cost of car hire as low as possible, and implement additional charges added later down the line. As a result, before you go ahead and book your car hire, we strongly suggest that you look at all the offers available for the duration of your time abroad. Booking a hire car in advance, attaining excess cover prior to traveling and bringing your own navigation device along with you can also help you to considerably cut the cost of car hire.

There you have it! Five ways you can save money on a peak season holiday. From planning your holiday earlier than usual to traveling during the week instead of at the weekend, how do you plan to save money on a peak season holiday this year?

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5 Ways to Save Money During High Season Travel

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