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How to Avoid Pests – 5 Things to Do While Enjoying Your Vacation

Exciting vacation and family getaways go hand in hand. Some of the top exciting vacation activities are camping by the lake, hiking in the hills and cooking in the grass. Great outdoor activities are worth the cost. However, you do not want to bring what’s in the outdoor going to your home. Information on How to Avoid Pests.In this blog post, you will find five travel tips on how to avoid bugs to get you while traveling.

Commonly, the pests that you can encounter during vacation escapade are ants, roaches, baby bed bugs, flies, mosquitoes, chiggers, and rodents. Once you are heading to your vacation destination, you can always look up the potential pests that will be a threat;

  • Chiggers are usually loving the moist and low-lying spots like the grassy areas, forests and spaces near the lakes and streams
  • Bed bugs are a bit harder to predict. However, there are reviews on different websites where customers say something about bed bugs to hotels. Be aware of those hotels and avoid staying there. 
  • Ants are everywhere to found. Be prepared to manage and avoid ant attack

How to Avoid Pests

Tips on How to Avoid Pests On Vacation

Do well in your research

Most of us, when going on vacation and trying to find a hotel to stay, we only look at what the hotel can offer, such as amenities, food, room ambiance, and services. Probably, less than 5% of the vacation trippers consider finding hotels that do not have pests.

There are several hotel review websites that you can type in the box space of Google. Be keen on reading the reviews and look for those comments if recent customers have complained about a pest infestation. 

There are a pest- remediation service providers. The pest control brick NJ is one of the excellent pest remediation service providers.

Another good one to look out for is pest control Olathe KS.

Consider placing your luggage in elevated spots

It is likely for pests to go to your luggage and stay with your shirts and undies if you place it on top. 

When staying in a hotel, bed bugs love to hide in the carpet. Therefore, do not leave your clothes, shoes, luggage, and purse on the floor. Upon entering the room, check the mattress, furniture, and carpet edges if there are pests. 

How to Avoid Pests

Wear on what is appropriate

When in nature, trekking, you have to wear the right clothes. If you are in a hiking trail with long grasses, better wear long and tight-colored clothing. Tucking your shirts and bottoms of your pants into your socks or boots will prevent pests from getting inside. Spray some Permethrin in your clothes. You may also apply some mosquito repellent.

After using the clothes, wash them immediately and do not put them directly to your luggage. Pests could be hiding on those pockets and linings of your hiking clothes.

Check your belongings

Before you head back home, check your things before putting them inside your luggage. Bed bugs love to hide in the crevice. But the best thing to do is have your clothes washed to make sure that you eliminate those pests and not bring them home with you. 

Another way of doing it is to put the clothes under the heat of the sun.

Bring zip-locked containers

If washing your clothes will be difficult because you might be too tired to do it, better bring a bag or any easy to carry containers that can be zip-locked. 

Put all your used clothes and lock them in that bag. It will keep the pests from spreading. When you arrive home, you can immediately wash the clothes and eliminate those pests that you bring with you.

What are your best tips on How to Avoid Pests while traveling.

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