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5 Travel Trends That Will Rule in 2021

Trends aren’t only with fashion or lifestyle; trends are everywhere. With the onset of the “new normal,” people are slowly and steadily adjusting their practices. Similar to political, social, and safety trends, the virus has shaped the world of travel to modify accordingly. Travel practices will no longer be the way it was before 2020. In 2021, there will be a new swing in the traveling policies and how people go about their vacations. People nowadays are putting more effort into planning their vacations and looking to explore this holiday season responsibly. With a year of this deadly virus being around, vaccines are being discharged. And as more people receive it, travel will boost in full swing. But do not worry, will keep you updated with the current travel trends to help you cater to your traveling requirements. Do you know what the 2021 travel trends are? Here is a list of five of the ones that experts are starting to notice and following. 

Travel Trends

With savings rates rising due to confined movements and spending, travel will soon recover to pre-pandemic rates before 2022. Apart from that, people being locked away from their family is another reason they are more eager to travel this year. They may be a boost of this forecasted activity with the global announcement of effective vaccines. Although nothing can be confirmed or firmly stated as of yet, there are specific predicted trends with people’s travel movements throughout the year. 

Top 5 Travel Trends dor 2021


With the emerging vaccines from different developed countries, people are starting to gain confidence in planning vacations. Most places in the US, UK, etc., have started active distributions of the vaccines. The term comes from holidays that people are planning anticipating vaccines. With the proper distribution of several degrees of vaccines, the government will also ease many travel prohibitions. 

A halt to solo trips

Although social distancing is the key during these challenging times, people aren’t willing to travel alone. Lodge or hotel booking has seen a downward trend in single accommodation bookings. Recent surveys claim that compared to 2019, solo travel and bookings have dropped by almost 44%. In fact, travel forecasts think that 2021 is the year to reunite with your close ones. An expected rise in group accommodations and travel in at least groups of six is anticipated. 

Road trips for the win

Since international travel faced a massive down track with restrictions and policies, domestic travel made the cut. People couldn’t remain home for an entire year, could they? Instead, they opted to tread the road for destinations unknown. Analyzers anticipate the continuation of this on-road trend even in 2021. One main reason people hit the road is private journeys, a safe unit of travel, and successfully cutting out the outside world. 

Work from home induced nomadic travel

The coronavirus has even led to a workplace switch, which most employees seem to love. Even with the virus gone, it is going to be hard to revive in-office working ethics. Nowadays, all you need is a wi-fi connection and enough time, and you can work from literally anywhere. Many countries started with their digital nomad visa, which effectively permits them to work from any destination whatsoever. Many hotels and resorts have considered policies to reduce accommodation rates for more extended stays. A recent study showed more than 55% of working individuals are willing to plan a 14 day plus vacation, taking their work with them. The year 2021 is undoubtedly moving towards being the year you redefine work travels and on the go projects. 

Luxury takes over

Since people are traveling with a purpose, they do not want to roam more but want to enjoy more at places other than their homes. This spiked the bookings of luxury resorts and stays. Leisure resorts around mountains and beaches show exceedingly high bookings and recently have crossed almost 50% occupancy. People are also looking to cruise and settle on private islands. Many prominent people of the Hollywood and football industry have found peace booking various remote islands for a vacation. Apart from that, most aerophiles just prefer booking a luxury flight. This luxury or leisure flights trend took off, with most airways being stagnant due to covid restrictions. Airway companies would rather have something over nothing. In the following years to come, scenic air cruises from lower altitudes might just become a new escape. 

Your Takeaway

Just like 2020, this new year is not going to be behind with the latest trends. Travel trends are taking the world, especially the States, with a huge blow. Work from home and restricted spending is spiking savings, making luxury the new necessity. Will the travel world overcome the recovery stage or still remain under the curve? Well, for that, we need to wait and watch. Till then, stay safe and keep safe. 

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