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5 Travel Gadgets we will be Packing in our Suitcases

Summer is almost here, which means it is time to start thinking about where we will be going on holiday!Five of the most essential travel gadgets that never leave my luggage when traveling.Here, you will find information about travel gadgets.

When I travel, I like to bring some home comforts with me. However, no matter how good you are at packing economically, space in your suitcase is at a premium.

Fortunately, some of the best technology available these days is also the most portable and will take up hardly any space at all!

Below are 5 devices that’ll make your travel safer, easier and more enjoyable!

Travel Gadgets

5 Travel Gadgets we will be Packing in our Suitcases

Decan Travel Iron

One of the biggest problems with living out of a suitcase for a few weeks is that eventually, your clothes begin to show signs of being packed away.

More often than not, the iron provided in even the nicest hotel rooms are not good enough to get tough creases in your clothes. That’s why I always pack a travel iron in my suitcase.

The best one I’ve used is the Decan Travel Iron. It measures just 18cm x 9cm and weighs 0.75kgs. Despite its tiny size, it reaches temperatures hot enough to iron out the most stubborn creases and also has full steam capability too.

What do we love most about the Decan Travel Iron?

The Decan Travel iron has separate settings for most fabric types including synthetics, silk, wool, cotton and linen – this will protect your clothes from burning and make the whole ironing experience as quick and comfortable as possible.

Pax 3 Dry Herb Vaporizer

Over the last decade or so, dry herb vaporizers have exploded in popularity and companies have invested a lot of money into making them smaller whilst squeezing more technology into them.

I make sure to always carry a vaporizer with me on holiday so I don’t succumb to the temptation of smoking!

Perhaps my favorite herbal vaporizer of 2019 is the Pax 3. Pax Labs is recognized by many as the ‘Apple’ of the vaping industry and it’s for good reason: Their vaporizers are packed with technological innovations and are so intuitive they require no instructions whatsoever.

The Pax 3 also connects to your smartphone in order to allow the user to better control vaping temperatures and lip sensing technology; it’ll automatically heat up when near your lips to save battery.

What we love most about the Pax 3 Dry herb vaporizer?

Pretty much any vaporizer in 2019 will allow its user to set custom temperatures but the Pax 3 adds an even greater degree of control.

Users can now set vaping modes and choose between stealth, efficiency, boost and flavor in order to personalize each and every vaping session.

Master Bluetooth Padlock

Traveling to unknown locales typically means that the security of your belongings is a priority.

That’s why I purchased a Bluetooth padlock by Master. It can secure your valuables using your smartphone, which you’ll likely be carrying around with you anyway.

I used it on my suitcases when I loaded them onto the plane and once I reached my destination, I used it to lock my cupboard containing valuables; money, cheques, passports etc.

The Master Bluetooth Padlock is durable as any traditional padlock; its body is full metal and boasts an anti-shim locking mechanism for improved strength and security. The Bluetooth authentication and encryption system is military-grade.

Why do we love the Master Bluetooth Padlock?

What really sets the Master padlock apart from other Bluetooth padlocks is the ability to share access with your friends and family.

You can give access permanent or temporary access via Bluetooth or keypad code.

Amazon Kindle E-Reader

I love reading a good book by the pool. When I was younger, I had to think long and hard about which novels were going to accompany me on my travels because novels can be quite thick and bulky and take up valuable space in your suitcase.

However thanks to e-readers we can now carry literally 1000s of books in a device that weighs the fraction on a typical book!

My favorite e-reader is the Kindle Paper white by Amazon. It is waterproof – important if you read by the pool but most importantly it has up to 32GB of memory and gives you access to Amazon’s collection of over 5 million books.

Why do we love the Amazon Kindle E-Reader?

Perhaps the best feature of the Kindle is its battery. Most tablets and e-readers measure their battery life in days and hours. The Kindle measures its battery life in weeks. I took my Kindle on a two week trip, used it every day and didn’t have to charge it once!

JBL Tune600

Noise cancelling headphones allow you to block out even the loudest plane engines so you can enjoy your curated playlists with no distractions. They should be on every traveler shopping list.

There are literally 100s of models in various price brackets and performance but perhaps the headphones that offer the best value are the JBL Tune600BTNC.

Despite being priced at under £100, they offer a high ticket performance. They offer a loud sound with deep bass and you’ll never have to turn it up to its full volume as the noise cancelling drowns out even the loudest distractions.

Why do we love the JBL Tune600s?

The JBL Tune600s have a battery that will last 24 hours even with noise cancelling turned on. Long enough to get you where you’re going each day.

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