5 Tips for Traveling with Cats (#3 You Need to Know)

Taking your cat to the vet is such a difficult job in itself. Imagine doing the same thing for a long road trip, right? There’s no denying that cats loathe car rides. But with appropriate equipment and necessary preparations, you can change that. So it’s time to discuss the top five tips for traveling with cats.Five tips that will make your life easier while traveling with kids.Take a look at this article to learn all about traveling with cats.

Traveling with Cats
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You’ve heard many unpleasant stories about car rides with cats. You might have even been a part of one. But don’t let that discourage you. Traveling with cats is not an impossible task. There are various ways to make that road trip a fun experience for both your cat and yourself.

So let’s get to know more about these ways, shall we?

5 tips for Traveling With Cats

#1 Make Early Preparations

Traveling with Cats
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If anyone tells you to wait a while before taking the necessary steps for your trip, don’t listen to that person. To be honest, you should start making preparations for traveling with your precious pet from the day you bring him or her home. Don’t ever think that this is a bad idea.

It’s important and a lot easier if you get your cat used to the car and road environment from the very beginning. A kitten that is not afraid of traveling will grow into a cat that might enjoy or be able to tolerate car rides.

As soon as you cat turns nine weeks old, you can start making preparations. This includes going for short drives every once in a while.

#2 Bring In the Travel Carrier

Traveling with Cats
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It’s always a better idea to give your cat time to get accustomed to the travel carrier days before the trip. So get it out and clean it using a damp cloth to eliminate all the dust and bad smell. Place it in your living room with a clean, dry towel inside.

Let your cat explore the new space on his or her own. You can use pheromone Feliway to make the carrier smell cat-friendly. Some carriers even convert into beds. This means cats in cars for a long time is not only possible but an enjoyable experience too.

#3 Create the Ultimate Checklist
Let’s say you’re traveling with a baby. Do you just head out without preparing a bag with bottles, blankets, diapers, and more? Of course not, right? The same rule applies to pets. You have to make it a point to carry the essentials if you want to create a more homely environment for your cat.

Now, this doesn’t mean taking the automatic cat feeder along with you. All you need are some essential items.
• Cat carrier – Cats don’t chill in the backseat or passenger seat of the car. Only humans can do that without causing trouble (well, in most cases!). If you let your cat lose, he or she might scratch you away or get under the brake pedal.
So at such times, there’s nothing better than a cat carrier, but a well-ventilated one. You can fasten the thing to the seat to keep it from sliding around. And please make sure that it’s not directly exposed to sunlight for a long time.
• Food and water bowls – The food and water remain the same even when you’re traveling with the cat. Don’t supply bottled water if your pet is used to drinking tap water. The goal is to change nothing.
• Toys and bedding – For a cat, home is where the bed and toys are, right? So don’t forget to pack your pet’s favorite toys along with the bedding.
• Litter and other accessories – Now I wouldn’t advise you to carry the large litter box that your cat uses at home. That would be incredibly inconvenient and smelly. Instead, use the same litter with disposable or small litter trays. So you might also need garbage bags and a scooper to get rid of the mess.

#4 Take More Breaks

Traveling with Cats
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If you can drive for as long as five hours at a stretch, bravo! But do understand that you have a pet that requires some breathing time. So make it a point to stop more often.

Park the car in a safe spot so your cat can get out of the carrier for a while. But please don’t let your guards down. For all you know, he or she is devising an escape plan. So don’t forget to attach the ID tag around the neck of the cat before you leave the house.

This brings us to the last of the five tips for traveling with cats.

#5 Consult Your Vet
Nobody knows how to travel with a cat in a car better than the vet. Professional advice always goes a long way, doesn’t it? Talk to the vet to find out what you can do to make the road trip more pleasant for your pet.

Sometimes doctors even recommend medication to ease motion sickness or anxiety. It contributes to adding more comfort to the journey.

Here’s a video that highlights the advice of a Veterinary Behaviorist:

Now That You Know, It’s Time to Head Out!
Road trips are supposed to be enjoyable experiences, right? And when traveling with a cat, such a journey should be pleasant for both you and your pet. It’s not important for the cat to become fond of car rides as much as you. The goal is to create a friendly atmosphere so your pets can at least tolerate the drive.

Did you go through all the five tips for traveling with cats? Just keep in mind that you need to make the necessary preparations. The car should feel as close to home as possible. And don’t forget to take those frequent breaks.

Now it’s time to share your thoughts and comments with everybody here. So drop in your feedback in the section below. If you have any more helpful tips to offer, then please do so.

Thank you for reading. I hope the post was interesting and informative.

Will I see you again soon? I hope I do!

About the author: Ruby Smith is the creative mind behind Pet So Fun. She claims to be a pet care expert not because she’s been blogging for several years. The vast knowledge Smith possesses stems from her personal experiences as a pet owner. So she knows what works best and why. Her work mainly consists of invaluable product reviews along with tips and tricks to provide your pet with a better life.

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