5 Tips To Save Money While Traveling In Antigua, Guatemala

Antigua Guatemala is a small colonial city in Guatemala. It is very popular among travelers because of its beauties. It looks like time hasn’t passed through its buildings. However, as it happens in most major tourist attractions in Guatemala and all over the world, things tend to get overpriced.

I have lived in Antigua for almost a decade now and learned a ton of tips that only an insider can give. So here are some fun adventures to be had and things to do in Antigua that will help you save money.

 5 Tips to Save Money in Antigua, Guatemala

1. If you are traveling with kids and looking for a safe and fun place for you, Hotel Porta Antigua is a good option. They have a great swimming pool, a playground and on Sundays a kids club. The best part is that you don’t need to stay there to be able to enjoy this, just pay a small fee.

Cheap kids playground in Antigua, Guatemala

2. If on the other hand you prefer cultural activities or art exhibits visit Cooperación Española. This is an organization from the government of Spain to help improve education in Guatemala. They also have a great library and most of their services are for free.

3. Another fun activity you can get lost in for hours is to visit one of the many handcraft markets of Antigua. They are filled with beautiful, colorful, and sometimes weird items for sale.

Handcraft market in Antigua, Guatemala

4. There is another great playground for kids, it is located next to San Sebastian Park. This is a public park but is also gated and has comfortable benches for you to seat and relax as the kids play.

5. Antigua is filled with churches; everywhere you look you see a church. Most are still active and hold beautiful art work in them, but some other are nothing but ruins. These ruins have been restored and turned into beautiful gardens. You can explore them for only $2.

Church in Antigua, Guatemala

So for everyone that is planning to visit Guatemala, these are just some of the cheap and free things to do with kids in Antigua, but keep your eyes open! This tiny city has surprises in every corner; you might find another great option.

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5 Tips To Save Money While Traveling In Antigua, Guatemala

Last Updated on May 15, 2023

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