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5 Tips To Make Your Travel Blog Stand Out

Every traveler wants to share their experiences with the world. The adventures we have are too good to keep all to ourselves! Which is why travel blogging is so popular. Travelers from around the world are sharing stories and guides with millions of readers.Here are 5 Tips To Make Your Travel Blog Stand Out.

Tips To Make Your Travel Blog Stand Out

You would think that we’d have reached saturation point by now, but the truth is that because the world is such a big place and there are so many different types of travelers, any authentic blog has the power to move people. Even if your blog does not become the biggest travel blog in the world, you can still see a lot of success.

With that said, you do need to make sure your blog stands out. Without paying attention to the details and working on your branding, your blog is unlikely to reach many people.

Here are 5 tips to make your travel blog stand out.

Many new bloggers do not realize that they should design a logo. The idea of a logo seems more like something a company needs, not someone who is simply sharing stories online. However, a logo is important, and it is worthwhile having a look at some logo ideas.

A logo is not just a visual representation for your landing page. In fact, you will use it in a number of scenarios. Your blog’s name will come up in your browser tab with the logo by its side. You’ll also use it in email signatures.

A logo immediately makes your blog appear more professional. When designing your logo, be sure to use images or vectors that relate to travel. Keeping the color scheme simple is also a good idea.

2. Take Great Photos

Blogging is all about writing. Right? Well, not quite. Any good travel blog has original photos taken by the blogger. If you’re visiting a certain location, readers want to see the location from your eyes. Having stock photos found on the web immediately undermines your position as the storyteller and authentic traveler. 

When you are traveling, you need to take a high quality camera with you so that you can take professional-looking photos. While the latest smartphones have excellent cameras, they’re still not quite at the pro level. You may not love carrying a camera around, especially if you are going to the beach or any other place where it can get damaged. But if you want your blog to stand out, it is a necessity.

3. Write Enticing Titles

Clickbait is the term used to describe the practice of writing headlines that are far more exciting than the actual content. It is something that every blogger does at some point. However, as long as you don’t overdo it, some hyperbole does not have to be a bad thing.

You should be completely honest about the story told within, but you need to convince potential readers that the story is worth the click. Fitting that into a title while still packing a punch requires a little bit of license.

Never promise excitement if there is none to be found. Rather, take the most enticing part of your blog and refer to that in your headline. In other words, if part of a story is that you survived a snakebite because the snake was not venomous, the headline can still promise a snakebite!

4. Include Videos

As a travel blogger, you don’t need to include videos. Photographs are enough for most bloggers. However, videos will give you an extra edge. These may be videos showing the full beauty of a vista, or sharing the experience of walking down Bangla Road in Thailand.

As with your photographs, low quality videos will not make for good content. By taking HD videos with a good camera, you will have something that many other blogs do not.

5. Use SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the least sexy part of blogging. It involves using keywords and metadata to make sure the search engines will place your blog posts at the top of searches on the topic. SEO is not too difficult, and you can learn about the latest SEO practices on a number of websites dedicated to the subject.

Using SEO will do a much better job at getting your content out there than most other methods. However, it is important to remember that search engines are now trained to recognize high quality content. If your content is not up to scratch, no amount of keywords will get it to the top.

Travel blogging is a great way of sharing your perspective with the world. There is always room for more perspectives from different types of people in different countries. As long as you are dedicated to making great content and follow the tips above, your travel blog will stand out among the crowd.

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