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5 Tips to Get the Best Halong Bay Overnight Cruise Deals

Halong Bay is a popular tourist attraction situated in Vietnam. It is also categorized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a member of the Club of Most Beautiful Bays in the World. There is no doubt that this Bay has one of the most beautiful and breathtaking views in the world. However, apart from the mesmerizing views, Halong Bay also has a lot of interesting things to do, which include theme parks and fishing villages.  

Best Halong Bay

As to experience inside out of this gorgeous area, most tourists would choose to book overnight cruises in Halong Bay. There is a wide range of cruise companies operating in Halong Bay. Therefore, if you are looking for one, you have to consider carefully the prices, packages, and deals that all of them offer.

Here are some top recommended Halong Bay overnight cruises and packages to consider: 

Mon Cheri Cruise: 

Mon Cheri Cruise has been serving tourists for a long time at Halong Bay. They have maintained excellent reviews from their guests as well as five-star ratings from their guests. They have a Halal certificate as well, which acts as proof that they are the only certified cruise that serves Halal food among all the cruises in Halong Bay. 

The interior of the Mon Cheri Cruise is a mixture of European and Vietnam architecture, which enhances the beauty of the cruise. Another good thing about this cruise is that it has a variety of rooms and suites from which the guests can choose. 

The Mon Cheri Cruise offers a lot of activities. There are some off-board activities such as interacting and getting to know the culture of the locals. You can go rowing or kayaking in the sea as well. Furthermore, you can click pictures in Dark & Light Caves and tour the fishing villages in Halong Bay. On board, activities include sightseeing of the beautiful Halong Bay islands and Vietnamese cooking classes, where you learn to cook with famous foods of Vietnam using their own techniques. The cruise also organizes a sunset party for you, with songs and music, so you can enjoy the sun going down in the water, to give you one of the best views of your life. 

Peony Cruise: 

Peony Cruise has made a good name for itself in a very short while having so much competition around with other cruises. It is a four-star cruise but it is known for its excellent and hospitable service. The tourists fall in love with the interior at their very first sight. 

Apart from all the fun activities that are offered, their services need to be talked about and appreciated more. Their room services are excellent. Your demands and orders will be delivered on time, for example, morning breakfast, snacks, baby cots, or something to drink. If you need a private butler, that demand will also be entertained. Any special event such as birthdays, anniversaries, or wedding ceremonies will also be arranged for you at a special request. 

Like all other cruises, Peony Cruise also arranges special activities for the people traveling with them. Some of the fun activities include sunset parties, karaoke sessions, live music performances, and sports match nights. A very unique thing about the cruise is the night squid fishing activity.

President Cruise: 

The third cruise on our list is the President Cruise. This cruise is relatively large and more spacious than the other cruises as it has 46 luxury cabins. Moreover, to add to the luxury, each cabin has its own private balcony, where you can admire the scenic beauty of the area and take pictures together with your loved ones. 

The name President suggests that the cruise will be full of luxury and surely it lives up to its name. The interior of the cruise is supplied with modern equipment. The interior also has a very modern outlook which attracts the guest in just a glance. 

The service of the cruise is another thing to highlight. You can hire a private butler if you want for your own cabin. In-room services are also widely available throughout the day. Other services that people are amazed by are the dry sauna, massage, jacuzzi, and a luxury restaurant bar. If you want a relaxing vacation and a break from your hectic professional life, this is the cruise you are definitely looking for. 

This cruise also has a very modified and up-to-date security system. Therefore, you do not need to worry about your safety in the sea. The itinerary of the ship includes visiting old dark caves and sandy beaches where you can take a sunbathe. It will enhance your cultural knowledge as well because you will visit the fisherman’s villages too. The ship has a celebrity chef at your service too, so you do not need to worry about tasteless food because a professional chef is at your service. 

Halong Bay

5 tips you should keep in mind when you choose a cruise: 

  1. First of all, you need to consider your budget and the prices. Does the cruise package cost fall under your budget or not? The thing which will satisfy you the most is whether your stay on the overnight cruise was value for money or not. 

2. Another thing to consider is what activities they are offering. If a cruise has cheap prices but is offering mediocre service and activities, it is not really worth it, because the whole 2 – 3-day tour will get ruined. 

3. An important thing to consider nowadays is whether the cruise is following covid restrictions or not. For example, they follow social distancing and strict use of masks all the time. The new normal is difficult for us to get used to, we have to consider this for our and others safety. 

4. One thing which is overlooked is free cancellation. In today’s world, where everything is uncertain due to the pandemic, it is good to have free cancellation, because flights can get closed or emergencies can arise. 

5. Safety of the guests is very important. If the cruise has extra boats and life jackets, then only you should consider booking the cruise for your family and loved ones.  

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