5 Tips to Get Backstage at Concerts

Have you ever wanted to enhance your experience at any concert you attend? If you’ve ever wanted to get backstage at concerts, then you’re reading the right article. A few tricks about how you might manage to get backstage at a concert without breaking the law. Here you will learn to get backstage at concerts. 

Get Backstage at Concerts

That’s because you’re about to discover my five easy but proven tips for getting backstage at concerts. 

And the good news is that these tips work even if you have no skills or experience. 

Read on… 

1. Look confident 

Without a backstage pass, it is highly unlikely that you will get through the backstage. 

However, for you to blag through the security, you must look believable and appear confident so that the security can believe your tales about a forgotten ‘pass’ or a distant family connection. 

First, try and stride through with your head held high without engaging the security at all. You can fake a phone call or do anything that can make it seem like you belong there.  

2. Get familiar with the support band 

Typically, support bands are less popular than the main artist.  

Most of them are either young and inexperienced acts or a local band. However, the support bands are usually given a specified number of passes for any gig.  

Hence, you can become (or act like) a big fan of the band some few weeks before the show. You might be lucky to be given one of the passes. 

Thus, you can bump into the main artist backstage. 

However, in New York City, things can be different because the support acts are usually handpicked by the main artist. So, before buying tickets to New York City concerts, make sure to do some research on the support bands. In some cases, the passes are even sold alongside tickets.

Get involved with the concert crew or venue staff.

3. Be early 

For most medium and large site concerts, their bands and crew must work for a whole day. Assuming the stage time for a gig is 9:00 pm, it is highly likely that the band will start performing sound checks at 4:00 pm. They must have even arrived at the venue an hour earlier.  

To improve your chances of getting a backstage pass, it is better for you to get to the venue very early. If you’re lucky, you might just catch the band getting out of their tour buses.  

Hence, you can strike up a good conversation with a prominent member of the band. I can assure you that you will find one of the band members smoking in the parking area. 

Also, you can catch the artists as they exit the “gig” stage by identifying the location where the tour buses are parked. Hint: it is usually at the back of the venue close to the stage door.  

One other reason why I suggest you come early is to scope the area to identify areas of lax security where you might enter with ease. 

4. Avoid being “Ghermed 

Being “Ghermed” means selling yourself too hard. If you’ve managed to get to the backstage and you’re trying so hard to get the DJ to check out your mixtape. You will lose all your credibility because you’re trying to sell yourself too hard. 

Don’t think that a professional DJ or music executive will think twice about checking out your mixtape when nobody is willing to do so on SoundCloud or Twitter. 

Your first step is to familiarize yourself with the DJ or music executive. Then, if during your discussion, you can introduce yourself and what you do, you can show the DJ your mixtape.  

5. Find the secondary entrance 

There are people (such as VIPs, DJs or festival organizers) who paid extra bucks so that they can skip the lines or be given an alternate entrance. You will have to find this alternate entrance. 

Bonus Tip: Have A Safety Net 

Since it is likely that you will get caught. Hence, I suggest you buy your concert tickets beforehand in case you get kicked out, you can enter again using your ticket pass.  

However, make sure you are not entering through an entry being ‘manned’ by the security guard who threw you out. 

If you have no option but to pass through that entrance, you better hope that the security guy cannot identify you again. 


And there you have it – 5 proven tips to get backstage at concerts. 

Now that you know how to get backstage at concerts, there’s just one thing left for you to do: act. 

So, get to it, and you may find yourself sipping Bellini’s with Justin Bieber! 

Last Updated on November 3, 2023

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