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5 Tips For Your Dream Destination Wedding In 2021

Wedding bells always give mixed feelings to everyone—excitement, nervousness, all at once.Five of the most important things to keep in mind while planning your Dream Destination Wedding.Look at this list of Destination Wedding.  

And that too, with good reasons.

After all, it is your big day.  Planning such an event that you will remember for the rest of your life is not an easy task.  

But wait up. You could do with some help from your family and friends. 

Following are a few tips and guidelines which can give your destination wedding planning a  steady direction.

Destination Wedding

5 Tips For Your Dream Destination Wedding

1. Make social media your confidante

The best thing about social media is that you never run out of ideas. This reaches another level with Instagram and Pinterest. Although most of the world still don’t see these two social media apps as a resource to help plan a wedding, you can start with being smart. 

Whether you are trying to get some mood board inspiration for your wedding venue or get hold of some vendors to manage the event, you have an answer to all.  You can easily spot suitable venues and content using hashtags to research photos. There are high chances that you will find numerous couples posing tagging their photographers, planners, florists, and much more. 

Do not shy away from asking for recommendations and advice. You would be surprised by how helpful the virtual community is. 

Pro tip: 

Although planning your wedding is entirely a DIY, worthy task. However, if you are not running very tight on your budget, getting some expert help is always advisable. Need help planning your destination wedding? Wedding planners like can help.
 Hiring a wedding planner specializing in destination weddings can make your onus look like a breeze in no time. But there are a few things you need to always look at when you hire one. 

Destination Wedding
  • Your style matches with your planner. 
  • Make sure you do not face language barriers. 
  • You can reach out to a former client of theirs to know their experience with the planner. 
  • Never forget to communicate your vision of your big day. It will ensure your planner understands your style and requirements in precision. 

2. Invest in what matters most for you

Probably the bigger monster than impressing your in-laws in weddings is keeping the budget on track. But, worrying about it can lower the quality of what truly matters. Your big day. 

Following are a few pointers that can help you lower down unnecessary costs and invest in what matters. 

  • Plan your wedding during non-peak timelines of the year

When planning your dream wedding, a critical factor that marks the event’s total cost is marked by WHEN? 

A significant number of destination wedding costs depend on which time of the year you seal the promise with your partner. Choosing a mid-week over a desirable weekend can save you a substantial amount of money. 

Weekdays are usually considered non peak days. In a destination wedding setup, it is advisable to utilize this to your advantage. Your guests are already pre-planning their time off for celebrating your big event. Also, being conscious of the weather can keep you on budget. Opting for a winter or spring versus summer or fall can also help you save. But, in doing so, do not get over consumed by saving. Always keep a close check on the destination’s holiday calendar. 

It is always good practice to ensure that your wedding dates do not overlap with any national holidays at your choice of location during the period. It will only aggravate your total costs altogether, creating hassle and confusion in travel arrangements. 

  • Always book things in bulk for your wedding 

Booking and paying for your wedding are often more cost-effective and cheaper when done in increments than at once. This thought is more of a myth than reality. This holds only for small costs like wardrobe and transportation. For all the major events that you plan for your day, it is quite the opposite. 

By bundling up significant events from your destination weddings like travel, food, catering, airfare, and living accommodations,  you will save much more. On the one hand, you will save money, and on the other, you will check off the big tasks from your wedding planning list. 

Pro Tip: Always opt for a package system wherever you get an offer. For instance, while planning a destination wedding, wedding videography might be one of your key requirements. You can always bundle makeup and hair styling, if available. 

But remember while hiring a contractor it is super important to keep them under a binding contract to keep future feuds at bay. A wedding videography contract template can be super helpful here. 

  • Cut down your communications costs with alternatives

Often money spent on communications is neglected by couples till the time the mobile bill touches astronomical levels. Play it smart. Use cost-effective texting and calling apps like Whatsapp and Viber that you can smoothly run on wifi. Thus, you need not buy any international plan. In case you are opting for a group video chat with guests and relatives, you can use Whatsapp and GoogleDuo. 

3. Insure Your Dream Wedding 

Destination Wedding
  • Consider purchasing a wedding insurance: If last year has given the world any takeaway lessons about life, it is that they expect the unexpected. Thus, getting wedding insurance should be at the top of your wedding priority list. It will ensure to cover you in case your wedding is canceled or rescheduled because of reasons like illness or death. It also covers you for instances like the officiant not showing up and travel cars breaking down. The faster you check this box, the better. When traveling for your wedding, the stakes run higher with air travel and delays or cancellations. 
  • Research requirements for legal ceremonies for your preferred destination: The legal laws and bindings for every country are unique.  You need to be aware of the marriage’s legal requirements of your destination wedding choice. It is best if you can start at this step before any other planning.  For instance, to get married in Ireland, you need to register your intent to marry at a bare minimum of three months before the ceremony date. 

Pro Tip: Always carry a bunch of prepared paperwork, hard copy and soft copy, for real-time responses.  It can save you a lot of valuable time and let you focus on the celebration. You can always contact the local register or community services about the documents you may need while filing your marriage for better understanding.

  • Research the hidden marriage fees at your destination

Couples don’t realize that tying the knot abroad potentially brings some additional fees that may have been on their radar forever. While this fee heavily depends on your preferred destination, it’s crucial to be aware of these costs. For instance, some countries may require a marriage license approval to follow up on a few specific steps. 

There are also a few other factors, like filing costs, health screenings, and additional fees. This means it will cost you more money than the local marriage legalization process. Thorough research at an early stage can ensure you get things done at the lowest fees possible.

4. Rent the runway for your wedding dress

Destination Wedding

The best wedding dresses are usually larger than life. And whether we want to accept it or not, we wear them just once or twice in our whole life. Thus, renting a stunning wedding gown can prove a great option here, especially when considering a destination wedding. 

With your dress renting, you can get a designer wedding dress for almost a fraction of the expense, ultimately saving you a considerable amount of money. Companies, like Rent the Runway, for instance, now offer such rentals. 

This can potentially take some of the financial pressure off. It is all a win-win situation. You get a stunning dress without creating a hole in your pocket. Also, it gives you a plethora of choices and options. 

5. Create an online wedding details location 

Destination Wedding

Create a low-cost wedding details location like a website or Facebook page. 

It is almost so obvious that couples take for granted that the wedding locations and details needed to be communicated to all guests and attendees till they face troubles. 

Creating a web presence is a one-stop solution for this problem. Provide all the necessary details of the wedding like the venue, timelines, travel, reservations, airport information, and local information like emergency numbers and maps. 

You will save yourself a lot of stress and pressure. 

Pro Tip: You can take help from sites like Squarespace which already has custom meda wedding template designs. 

Bonus Tips

  • Never check-in your wedding dress in flight. It can create an unnecessary hassle of losing your most important prop for your wedding. Always bring the dress with you. 
  • Plan to arrive at the location a few days before the wedding day. Give yourself and your guests time to settle down before the actual event. 
  •  Never forget to check the venue in person before giving it a final check. 

Ending thoughts

Keeping and planning things can always ensure you have the most well-managed event to remember. However, while you prepare for it knowing the potential pitfalls and where you have to be extra careful can ensure you are more armed than anyone. 

However, there will be instances for which you have to depend upon yourself. Never miss focusing on the details of your wedding plans that are unique to you. It will make sure that you can always have a contingency plan for some events for your big day.

Wish you a happy and blissful married life!

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