5 Tips for Traveling With Your Pet

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Everyone needs to take some time away from home to unwind and relax. Planning a great vacation becomes a little trickier if you have pets at home. Leaving them at home requires you to find someone to take care of them the entire time you are gone. This can get quite expensive if you do not have any helpful friends. Taking them on the trip with you also brings its own unique challenges. Sharing your vacation with the pet can be a wonderful experience if you take the right precautions. These are five tips to help make traveling with your pet a lot easier.

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5 Tips for Traveling With Your Pet

Advice for Traveling With Your Pet

Microchip Your Pet Before Leaving

While losing your pet is never a fun experience, it is a lot scarier when you are far away from home. If they get lost in your neighborhood, then there is a very good chance they will be able to find their way back home. This is virtually impossible when they are lost in an unfamiliar location. Luckily, you can stay protected against this horrible circumstance by making one short trip to the vet before leaving. The vet can implant a microchip just under the skin of your dog or cat. Once it is implanted, you can use this chip to track your pet’s location at all times.

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Keep Pets Secure in Large Cage

The safest way to travel with your pet for a long period of time is by placing them in a large, sturdy cage. You may be tempted to let them roam loose in the backseat, but this can actually be very dangerous. A sturdy cage prevents your pet from sliding and falling all over the car every time you make a quick turn or abrupt stop. You will also not have to worry about them jumping up in the front seat and distracting the driver any time they get overly excited. Animals love to have their own personal, defined space, and that is exactly what a cage from Chewy provides.

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Plan to Make Plenty of Stops

It is important to realize that it will take a lot longer to get to your destination when traveling with your pet. The added time to the trip is caused by the need to make extra stops. Dogs and cats require a lot of water in order to stay properly hydrated. Since they will be unable to drink in the car without making a huge mess, you will need to make a lot of quick stops to let them drink. This is also a great way to let your pet get some exercise and prevent them from having an accident in the car. Make the best use of these stops by fueling the car, stretching your legs, and visiting the bathroom at the same time.

Keep Them Entertained a Toy

Your pet is going to get very bored if they do not have something to keep them entertained during the trip. The best way to do this is by giving them a toy inside their crate. You do not want to put too many toys in the crate because they will not have any room to move around. Just stick to one toy at a time. Once your pet becomes a little disinterested in its current toy, you should swap it out for a new one. This ensures their brain stays stimulated throughout the trip.

Make Hotel Feel Like Home

Staying in an unknown environment can be very troubling for pets. A great way to put them more at ease is by making the hotel feel like home. Pack the pet’s bed, food bowl, toys, and blankets. Layout all these items exactly the same way they are at home. This will give your pet a sense of familiarity in their new environment, which should help calm their nerves. Make the entire process easier by finding a hotel that provides special benefits to pet owners.

Do you knave any other travel tips for those traveling with pets?

Last Updated on May 15, 2023

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