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5 Tips for Saving While You Travel in Israel

Traveling in Israel can be an extremely enriching, fun and interesting thing to do. I bet it is on the bucket list of many travelers out there. However when you start looking into prices things start to get not so exciting.Finally making your dream come true to visit Israel can be quite pricey. Some of us will need all of our best saving skills to be able to make it happen while keeping enough money to eat when we get back home.

Travel in Israel

5 Tips for Budget Travel in Israel

1. Always prefer local markets
Instead of hitting the nearest gourmet restaurant or fast food chain go to the nearest major market or shuk. In them you will find lots of local dishes for a great price. They are usually a maze of stalls with veggies, meat and prepared dishes.

2. Stay at Vacation Rentals
These are a bit more expensive than hostels but private. They are also much less expensive than hotels. Some of them even offer a cleaning service so you don’t have to do it.

3. Look for Falafel and Hummus
These two are the equivalent of hot dogs in New York or Pupusas in El Salvador. You will find them everywhere and are extremely cheap. If you are hungry and not near a market open up your eyes. The next street stall might have some at a great price.

4. Join a Group Tour
I know that traveling along with a group of people that you don’t know is not ideal but private tours can be worth around double. Plus you still get to see the destinations you have dreaming of.

5. Get a Car Rental
I would usually advice to take public transport but in this case, getting a Car rental in Israel might be you best option. It isn’t the safest thing to go around in a bus or tuk tuk and it can get pretty exciting to hire someone to drive for you.

Have you been to Israel? If so let us know hat else can be done to save some money.

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