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5 Tips for First Time Campers

When camping for the first time, it can be overwhelming thinking of everything you have to bring with you. Some things can be easily overlooked. To avoid mistakes, here are five tips for first time campers.

first time campers

Familiarize Yourself with Camping Gear

Save hours trying to set up a tent by practicing before your trip. Whether you open your tent for the first time in your living room or your backyard, familiarize yourself with the mechanics to save time. Perhaps practice putting your tent up multiple times until you are a pro, this will help save potential frustration and time. Checking to ensure flashlights, lanterns, and camp stoves are functioning properly is also vital. The last thing you want is to show up at your campsite and realize your lantern has run out of batteries and your camp stove is broken.

Plan Your Meals

Write out exactly what you will eat for each meal each day. This will help you efficiently make a list of what you need from the store rather than piling unnecessary items in your cart. Keep your list simple as making food while camping is not the same as preparing a meal in your kitchen. Once you have your list, you can determine what you need from the kitchen in terms of pots, pans, utensils, soap, condiments, a small grill, and more. If you are planning to have perishable items, ensure you pack plenty of ice to keep your food fresh. 

Camping Cot 

Although sleeping on the floor with a sleeping bag is the most traditional way of camping, it’s not always the most comfortable. If you want to avoid morning backaches from sleeping on a few rocks in the ground, invest in a camping cot. (Rio Brand) They are also easy to transport, lightweight, and durable. These are the most significant upgrades when it comes to getting the most out of sleep while camping. 

Pack Clothing for All Types of Weather 

On occasion, weather apps can be misleading and what was supposed to be a warm sunny day can instantly turn into chilly and overcast. Pack clothes to keep you warm during the last-minute weather changes and at night when it gets chillier. Also, pack a few pairs of summer camping clothes in case the weather conditions are hotter than expected. Additionally, you want to make sure you have spare hiking or camping shoes with you for the unexpected.

The Best Season for Camping

When planning your first camping trip whether it be a few weeks or months away, be aware of weather conditions based on the season. Picking the right location to camp based on the season is important to keep in mind. Depending on the season, you want to account for rainfall, heatwaves, snow, and other environmental conditions. Ensuring maximum comfort based on climate is vital for your first-time experience so that it will not be your last.

Getting Ready

Camping for the first time is an awarding accomplishment. Of course, there might be little slip-ups here and there but that is how we learn. As your first camping trip approaches, other tips that might help are creating a to-do and packing list. Ease the stress on yourself by preparing weeks in advance for your adventure. Now you are ready to go!

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