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5 Tips for Every First-Time Angler

First-time anglers have no idea what they are headed for when going fishing. They’ve seen this on TV and listened to stories from more experienced anglers, but they have never felt the joy of catching fish.

Fishing is not an activity for everyone. Some love the joy of seeing the float move when the fish grabs the bait, while others think this is not amusing. It’s a personal feeling, and if you don’t feel like this is something you’d do, it’s entirely fine.

The only thing we suggest is to try it before deciding if it is for you or not. Many people are not aware of the excitement that fishing brings until they experience a catch.

In this article, we’re sharing five essential tips every first-time angler must know to feel good while fishing, have a great time, and possibly go home with a prize. You may release the fish in the water upon catching it, but the photo stays forever. Read on to see what you must know.

1. Don’t expect to catch a ton of fish on your first try

Many first-timers will think that when they get the rod in their hands and throw the line in the water, fish will swim to them and get on the hook. It’s not like this. Fish love their lives and will do anything they can to prevent being caught.

The bait is supposed to attract them to get hooked, but fish are cautious, and even if they swallow it, they’ll try to release themselves. All this means that you may not be highly successful on your first try, but if you love the activity, you can keep doing it and become a better and more successful angler.

2. Patience is everything when you go fishing

To be successful, you need to be patient. Some anglers stay in one spot without moving for hours until they get their prey. Fish live underwater, but they can see every movement above water. They hear sounds, feel vibrations, and sense the air temperature and pressure drops.

In other words, they are entirely aware of everything happening around them, and if they are scared of something, they won’t go for the bait. This is why you need to be patient, wait for them to be relaxed enough, and swallow the bait you made for them.

3. Choosing the right equipment is essential

Before going fishing, you need to pack all the equipment needed for the moment. You will need several essential things – the rod, a line, and the reel. Then, you’ll need fishing baits that go on the hook at the end of the line, supported by weight to keep the line under water, and the float showing you if fish took the bait.

When going to the store or ordering online, you should pick equipment that suits your needs perfectly. To know what to order, you must also know what you’re fishing for. Research the place, the fish, and the surrounding before ordering anything.

4. Having fun on your first try is more important than the catch

When you’re fishing for the first time, you need to learn about how it is done and have fun. No person that tries too hard to catch anything will come back for another try, but those who enjoy and are relaxed will surely love to come back and fish again.

That means you should be relaxed while doing it. Don’t mind too much about the noise, the movements, or anything else. Open a beer, laugh with friends, enjoy the fresh air, and if you catch something, that’s only a plus in the situation.

5. Safety measures are not many, but you need to be aware of the dangers

There’s no safety issue when fishing other than minding not to fall inside the water or getting the hook anywhere near the body when swinging the rod. Hooks can be highly dangerous, and only special pliers can cut through them to release the sharpness from under your skin.

The other issue is to mind that you’re near water. Try not to fish when you’re under the influence of alcohol because falling in the water drunk can be fatal for you. Another thing you want to mind is the sun. Apply sunscreen if you’re under the sun to be sure that you’re not getting burned.


These five points are everything you need to know when you’re going fishing for the first time. You must be aware of the dangers, how to act, and what to take with you. If you have fun and catch at least one fish on your first try, consider this a successful trip to the lake. Fishing is exciting only as much as you make it on your first attempt.

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