5 Tips For Digital Nomads Looking To Live In South Africa

Being a digital nomad is all about the freedom that the ability to work remotely from any spot in the world gives you.  It is about making a beach in Bali, or a coffee shop in Berlin your office.  The world is your oyster, and choosing which country to work from is one of the perks of the business.Information for travelers who are thinking about moving to South Africa.Take a look at this list of travel tips while live In South Africa.

Live In South Africa


It is about making your career fit your lifestyle and whilst this kind of lifestyle may seem like an endless adventure it does require a bit of planning and forethought on your part.

South Africa is one of the country’s that is making its mark on the map as an attractive travel destination and more and more digital nomads are choosing it as their next stopover.  We have put together 5 tips that you might find handy if you are thinking of making it yours.

How is the internet connection?

This is the make or break question for most digital nomads, how reliable is the internet?  The large cities in South Africa have great 4G (LTE) coverage and the smaller towns have 3G if 4G is not available.  Fibre is being installed in the main cities too and will get out to the smaller towns in time.

Most coffee shops and restaurants offer wifi, though sometimes only on a limited basis.  Essentially the price of a cup of coffee can buy you a few hours of work almost anywhere.

Which city to stay in

Each of South Africa’s cities invokes a different experience for the traveler.  If you are looking for a vibey, busy, and colorful city to work from, then Johannesburg could be for you.

If you are more into surfing, spending time on the beach, and swimming then consider Jeffries Bay, Ballito or Durban.

Cape Town has a big outdoor lifestyle vibe to it and you will be sure to meet fellow digital nomads in the coffee shops or bars in the City.

Getting around in South Africa

You are a digital nomad and your motto is travel, travel, travel.  Consider taking a road trip of a lifetime across the vast country to experience it all as hiring a car is easy and you can take your time to explore and stopover as you please.

Driving in South Africa can be hazardous if do not know what to expect.  Make sure that your hire car has insurance cover and it is advisable to select one of the car insurance companies who offer a comprehensive cover for your trip.  Sections of the road sometimes have potholes, or fenced animals wander along the roadside and accidents are common.

There are long-distance buses which follow a set route and stopover in various towns.  If you are happy with following a set itinerary this could be an alternative idea for you.

Unfortunately, the public transport in South Africa is not that reliable.  In the main cities, there are bus and train systems but these are often delayed and while there are plenty of minibus taxis these are not always safe or on time.

Your best bet is to hire a taxi cab or get an Uber for short distance traveling and hire a car for any long distance traveling.

Day to day living expenses

Compared to the U.S or the U.K and some European countries, South Africa is very reasonably priced.  Eating out for two can be from as little as US$70 for a two-course meal and a bottle of wine.

Accommodation in Cape Town tends to be higher than Johannesburg, Pretoria or Durban but as you head further away from town the prices drop.  All in all, you will find it pretty reasonably priced to live there.

How long is a visa valid for?

 Most visas into South Africa are obtained on entry and do not require an extensive application prior to arrival.  Holiday visas for UK citizens are issued for 90 days and can be extended for another 90 days from within South Africa.  After that, you will need to exit the country.  Check with your travel agent or the nearest consulate for the exact requirements for entry into South Africa on your passport.

Words by Megan Firth

Last Updated on December 31, 2021

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