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5 Tips to Consider Before You Travel Overseas for the First Time

You’ve just gotten your new passport, and you have ten years ahead of you to use it for international travels before needing to renew it. That’s a lot of time to plan and save for future adventures. But you haven’t tried flying out of the country before, and now you’re apprehensive about doing it for the first time.Best travel tips on things to consider and to think about before traveling.Take a look at this tips of travel overseas for the first time.

Travel Overseas for the First Time

It is understandable for first-time travelers to feel this kind of fear and anxiety. Throw in excitement, and you get a mix of emotions. But if you plan your trips right and know what to expect, your first trip overseas should be a breeze.

Get Your Passport in Orde

The first document you want to secure is the passport. If you have a new one, congratulations. But if yours is a couple of years old, you want to check your passport information to see if it’s still valid for the pending trip. In most cases, passports that are about to expire in 6 months are not allowed for international flights. Make sure to check and renew your passport if necessary to get this issue out of the way.

Alert Your Bank

Banks are always on the lookout for fraudulent charges on their bank members’ accounts happening abroad, so if they see some weird purchases in Japan or Costa Rica, the bank is probably going to freeze your account temporarily. You want to inform the bank that you’re traveling to a certain destination and in this time frame so they can expect purchases and charges out of the country. It’s also good to ask your bank beforehand how much they charge for international transactions so you can budget accordingly or look for another card with lower fees.

Research Your Destination

You’re traveling because you want to experience a different way of life and you can expect that it wouldn’t be the same as the culture you have at home. Do as much research as you can about your destination so you know what to expect about their lifestyle. In some places, unmarried couples are prohibited to be seen in public. It’s rude to make a sound when eating in other countries, but in Japan, this is highly appreciated.

Here are some other helpful tips:

  • Know in advance where to go and what to do so you decrease your chance of getting lost and wasting your time.
  • Learn the basic expressions and greetings in the local language; these will come in handy especially when you mingle with the locals.
  • You should also plan to dress up for the weather.

Bring Copies of Your Travel Documents and Leave Some at Home

You should bring your passport, visa, and other travel documents with you anywhere you go. In addition, have three copies of these documents and do the following:

Store a copy in your email or cloud account

Leave a copy in your hotel room

Send a copy to your family or trusted friend way back home

This is a measure just in case something happens to you, you lose these documents, or they get stolen so you know where to acquire them. It also helps to list yourself in the embassy or consulate, so they know who to contact in case of emergency.

Prepare for the Trip Financially

Some destinations are cheap while others are expensive. Get an idea on how much you think you need each day and save up for it. You can book your hotel and pay for fees to museums, events, and attractions beforehand so that’s all sorted out before you leave.

Also, read on what the food is like and how much they might be. If you feel like you need to tighten up your budget, consider renting an Airbnb so you can cook your own meals and do your own laundry. It also helps to create a more generous budget than a tight one to get some wiggle room for other things, such as souvenir shopping and unplanned extra spending. Give yourself enough time to plan and save for the trip, so you don’t go into debt while trying to enjoy your vacation.

Final Thoughts

Flying abroad for the first time can be an exhilarating experience, and it’s almost the same feeling for everyone. You imagine a lot of things that can go wrong, but if you plan for it properly, everything should be smooth and easy. It takes some careful planning and research to get over your fears and worries, so ask around, read forums, and educate yourself. When you do, you’ll have more fun, and you’ll love to travel even more. Bon voyage!

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