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5 Things You Shouldn’t Miss in Adelaide Hills

Traveling to South Australia for the holidays? Make Adelaide Hills your first (and last) stop! Below are only some of the things that you and the family will certainly enjoy in this part of the region.

Adelaide Hills

1. Wine and dine in Mount Lofty House

It’s not a trip to Adelaide Hills if you won’t drop by the Mount Lofty House. It’s one of Adelaide Hills’ crown jewels so it’s only necessary that you at least take a sneak peek of the huge mansion.

Although it’s nestled between botanic gardens and the ever-stunning Piccadilly Valley, you’ll be surprised that Mount Lofty House is just 15 minutes away from the Adelaide CBD.

Once you get there, you can either sip your way through the great collection of whiskey and other cocktails of Arthur Waterhouse Lounge. While having a sip of these spirits, you can cosy up by their fireplace.

You can also satisfy the foodie in you by having a feast at Hardy’s Verandah Restaurant. It’s an award-winning restaurant with great food and great ambience.

If you’re not hungry, you can always grab a book and read in one of the estate’s posh rooms and suites.

2. More wine at Golding Wines  

If the spirits in Mount Lofty House is not enough, a trip to the Golding wines will satisfy the wine-lover in you even more.

Literally, every corner of the Golding Wines has a cellar door. These doors will lead you to their impressive range of Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, and Shiraz.

3. Destination dining at the Villeta Porcini

Dining in the Villeta Porcini is more than just eating a meal. It’s almost like a magical fairytale experience. So, if you’re in Adelaide, you certainly don’t want to pass on this.

Villeta Porcini is a European-style stone hut nestled between gardens, beehives, mushrooms, and veggie patches.

The feast prepared and cooked by Andre Ursini is one of the most unique and exclusive fine dining you’ll ever experience. Not only does it satisfy your taste buds, but it also tantalizes your imagination.

Everything you’ll experience on this trip is pulled straight from a fairytale!

4. Wine making at Ambleside Distillers

Adelaide is one of Australia’s best cool-climate wine regions. So it’s not surprising that there are over 60 wineries that can be found here. One of those is the Ambleside Distillers.

It’s a stunning acreage property in the village of Hahndorf. Before you can take a sip of alcohol, you can wander around the botanical gardens first.

Once you get to the tasting bar, you can try one of their signature handcrafted gins. Pair it with a cheese platter while enjoying the views of the garden outside.

If gin is the poison of your choice, participate in their gin blending masterclasses and try making it yourself. There are more than 22 botanicals to choose from and you can craft your own spirit perfectly.

5. Visit the Jurlique Farm

The Jurlique farm is where herbs, flowers, and other plants are grown for the world-famous natural skincare brand, Jurlique. Visiting this vast area is a great break from all the drinking!

In this farm, Jurlique gives you a closer look at what’s happening behind the scenes of their famous brand. Here, you’ll learn about the seed-to-skin journey of their products.

While you’re there, don’t forget to hoard their products for your skincare needs!

These are only some of the things that you can do in Adelaide Hills. We’re sure you can’t do all these activities in one day. So you better book yourself a Sequoia Lodge accommodation and make the most of your stay in Adelaide Hills!

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