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5 of the Best Things to Do in Dubai the Next Time you Visit It

The economy of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates used to depend on oil but when the oil began to run out they invested the money into creating the ultimate tourist destination. No expense has been spared to create this city where the wealthy go to relax and indulge to their hearts content. Here are 5 things to try on a trip to Dubai.There are tons of fun things to do in Dubai when you travel but there are a few that are definitely a MUST. This is my list of the top 5.



5 of the Best Things to Do in Dubai

Sky Diving is a great things to do in Dubai

Nothing can top the thrill of seeing Dubai from 10,000 feet above the ground. Experience the rush of jumping out of a plane from high above the earth. You can go on tandem jumps with an instructor if it is your first time or jump by yourself if you are experienced. Most of the companies that offer sky diving also offer free transportation to and from the dive starting point.


Golf has long been known as a sport that the wealthy indulge in to relax in the outdoors. The courses in Dubai are no exception and they offer first class clubhouses, beautiful scenery and world class golf courses designed by experts. Grab your golf clubs and set up a tee time and spend your day on the greens. If your family does not want to play there are activities for the kids and spa treatments to indulge in as well. After breaking a sweat on the course you can indulge in the world class restaurants, and nightlife that are also a part of playing golf in Dubai.

Michelin Star food

While Dubai has not received any stars in the Michelin Star Guide Book, it is inevitable that these fine restaurants will receive their just rewards soon. There are chefs that have received Michelin Stars from all over the world that have set up restaurants in this fine city. You will find some of the best chefs in the world here from Italy, France, England, and Australia and they have brought their innovative flair, and fine cuisine with them. Fine dining is an experience that should not be missed in Dubai and you can try food from many different cultures.   

Safari to the Desert is a great things to do in Dubai

A safari to the desert is fascinating and in Dubai there are many thrilling options for exploring the desert. You can rent a high end car like a Lamborghini or a Ferrari. Alternatively, you can sit back and enjoy the ride in a luxurious 4 wheel drive driven by a professional and enjoy a drive through the sand. There are many tours and holiday deals available that offer exciting options like dinner in the desert, driving dune buggies, camel rides, and an overnight stay in the desert.

Enjoy a Desert Safari Dubai as well.

Hot Air Balloon Ride

Take a luxurious hot air balloon ride and watch the sun rise over the desert. You will soar over beautiful sand-swept dunes that change colour with the light of the rising sun, emerald green oases, and canyons. You may even see the beauty of gazelles, camels, and onyx frolicking in the wild.

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