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5 Things You Should Do Before Moving Abroad

Planning to move abroad is one hell of a task. Although it is a great opportunity to gain exposure and experience varied fun and adventure-filled activities, completing all the documentation takes tons of effort. Chart out the expenses, the budget, the work visas, the policies of the new government, and more. To get you a list of things that you must learn before moving abroad, we have compiled a detailed checklist for you.Everything from planning ahead how you will be able to work on your new country to wrapping up legal aspects before Moving Abroad.

Moving Abroad

5 Things To Do Before Moving Abroad

1. Get a Work Permit Before Moving Abroad

Always plan ahead of time, it is a common phrase used by everyone. Then, why not apply it before moving to a new place? Learn about the policies of different work visas available in the said destination. Few countries offer holiday visas such as Singapore, New Zealand, South Korea, Australia, and Ireland. You can start working there simply by showing your passport and some money to support yourself. However, it only lasts between three months to a year and is specifically available for college students. Besides that, you can get a Job-specific visa or Au Pair Visa (based on the study-and-work based exchange program).

2. Prepare Yourself for Change

Moving abroad does not mean that you should start looking at the imperfections in the destination country. At first, it will appear hard to adjust with new people, new culture, and new lifestyle. It may take up to 6 months or a year to get a hang of everything. The government policies, the societal issues, the payment issues, and so much more can erupt. Therefore, it is necessary to do in-depth research of the destination country. Additionally, do not forget to learn the etiquette and the cultural values of the new place. The cultural practices must be learned to properly pay regard to your hosts and not call upon their furry.

3. Learn the Language Before Moving Abroad

Take courses or use free apps to learn the target language to remove the communication barrier. Even though it is difficult to acquire a new language at a later stage of life but it becomes easy if you practice it regularly. Language acquisition is an important step to get a job or boost your social life in the new place. You can start off by learning the basic words such as how to greet people in the new country. For instance, if you are migrating to Portugal, learn how to say hello, goodbye, and thank you in Portuguese. Later on, you can master the new language by communicating with the natives.

4. Update Your Mailing Address

Before leaving, shift the mailing address to your parent’s house or a relative’s house. Simply go online and re-route the mailing address by updating the previously provided address. The places you have worked for and studied from should be provided with the altered mailing address. They can conveniently catch up with you whenever there is a requirement.

5. Clear Out the Federal and State Taxes

It is imperative to learn about the tax structure before you move abroad. Once you are employed in the new place, find out how you have to pay the taxes, be it to the new country or your home town. Make sure to pay the taxes on time. With better knowledge about the new and old government, you will never miss out paying taxes that are still due.

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