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5 Things to Do with Kids in Greece

This southern European county, with its miles and miles of coastlines, beautiful natural settings, gorgeous islands, ancient history and local’s friendliness is one of the coolest places you can visit. Holidays in Greece can be extremely romantic as well as a fun learning experience for kids. There are actually many kid-friendly attractions in it. So stop thinking about it and go on a vacation to Greece, you won’t regret it!

5 Attractions in Greece for All Ages:


Photo By: Adam Balch

1. The Beaches – You can’t come to Greece and not visit the beaches, especially with kids. I don’t know of 1 kid who doesn’t like hanging out at the beach. And as I mentioned before, Greece has plenty so my advice would be to take full advantage of that.

2. Classic Ruins – These are gorgeous, educational places where you and your kids can learn a lot about ancient societies, and if they start to get restless, there is plenty of space where they can play and pretend to be explorers.

3. Olive, Orange and Lemon Groves – These are 3 basic ingredients of their diet. And they take special care when it comes to growing them. Some of those groves offer tours for curious visitors. This is another outdoor adventure where kids get plenty of space to run around and enjoy nature.

4. Water Parks – There are a few water parks in Greece with pools for people of all ages that guarantee a full day of fun in the water. If you are not much of a swimmer you can relax and sunbathe while the rest of the family enjoys the pools and slides.

5. The Food – Their diet is mostly based on virgin olive oil, fresh fish, fruits and vegetables, as well as delicious spices. This makes their diet extremely nutritious and the variety of local dishes assures that even picky eaters will find something they like.

What else could you wish for?

2 thoughts on “5 Things to Do with Kids in Greece

  1. Nice little post you have here! I know there are newer ones but this caught my eyes as I am looking to move my family abroad and Greece and Italy are two of the places we are considering. As a family of five right now we definitely want to go someplece where the kids will have things to do. Paxos and Santorini are our picks so far in Greece. Didnt know Greece had water parks.

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