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5 Things To Do in Nepal

Containing the Earth’s highest mountain, Nepal is a majestic country embellished with rich scenic beauty, culture, and history. Want to be captivated by the Himalayan Mountains or mystical ancient cities? Here are five things to add to your Things To Do in Nepal.

Things To Do in Nepal

​​Mount Everest Trek

Make a solid connection to culture and nature like you have never done before. The iconic route known as ‘The steps to heaven’ to the Everest base camp is a two-week journey filled with amazing scenery, cultural exploration with local guides, tea houses and monasteries. 

Unsure how to start your journey? Search Everest base camp trek from the UK for advice and assistance on this once and a lifetime experience. This trek is not one to miss if you are looking for an evolution in personal development. You can even take a heli tour to Everest base camp and see some amazing views on the way!

River Rafting on the Bhote Kosi River

Bhote Kosi provides one of the fastest river flows in Nepal, and if you are into adventure and thrill, river rafting is for you. A two-day exploration allows tourists to witness a maze of endless canyons that cause rapid action accompanied by an adrenaline rush.

The river is excellent for beginners; professional guides provide raft paddling and safety training before heading out onto the water. The exploration also offers fantastic views of the Himalayas that can only be seen from the river and beautiful glistening green fields.

Things To Do in Nepal

Image Source: Unsplash

Patan – The Ancient City

An ancient city called Patan lies in the south-central part of Kathmandu Valley. Also known as Lalitpur, the old city is extraordinary embellished in historical, cultural impact.

Durbar Square is the beating heart of the ancient city. The square contains many famous temples from the Malla dynasty era, and a museum holds artefacts from traditional Hindu and Buddhist cultures.

The top temples to visit are the Krishna Temple, historically crafted by King Siddhi Malla, who had a dream of conflict, who won and then built the temple as a replica to thank the Hindu gods. The eye catching Kumbeshwar Temple contains two ponds that have been said to collect water from the holy lake of Gosainkunda.

Himalayas Panoramic Flight

If trekking Mount Everest is not your cup of tea, take to the skies! Departing from Kathmandu, this one-hour flight experience lets you become one with the giant Himalayan mountains.

Throughout your calm and tranquil journey, you will be able to capture photos of eight mountains that showcase stunning beauty that you will be able to treasure for a lifetime. Make sure to check the weather before flying!

Jungle Safari – Chitwan National Park

Chitwan National Park has the perfect combination of conservation and tourism to allow you to experience nature in peace. All kinds of animals such as rhinos, tigers, elephants and birds can roam freely in their habitats as this area is protected from poachers.

Ecstatic tour guides provide an unforgettable experience, lending their knowledge of the animals and this amazing country. Moreover, you can experience a night under the stars camping in the conservation areas with the animals as your friends.

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