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5 Things to Do in London

Traveling to London, whether it is with kids, with friends, a partner or alone is always a blast! There is a never ending amount of hotels. With the crazy variety available you will find one that fits your needs perfectly. The same goes for places to visit and things to do in London. London will have you freaking out trying to figure out which ones to pick.

London is a haven for Harry Potter Fans
Photo by: Moyan Brenn

5 Recommendations of Things to Do in London:

1. Madame Tussauds – It is a fun way to spend an afternoon. In here you will be able to see life-size and almost identical statues of all of your favorite celebrities and public figures.

2. The London Dungeon – This isn’t an activity that small kids would enjoy, it can be scary for them. But it is perfect for brave teenagers and adults that enjoy getting scared.

3. London Eye – This must be one of London’s most recognizable features. Go for a ride on one of its 32 capsules to get some of the best views of the city that you will find. The ride lasts about 30 minutes.

4. Tower of London – You can’t leave London without visiting this, which is one of the most famous buildings around the world. There are over 900 years of history hidden within its walls and you can learn lots from a tour here.

5. Natural History Museum – It is home to an impressive dinosaur collection and many other exhibits with the biggest, tallest and rarest animals in the world. You can even see a life-sized blue whale, a 40-million-year-old spider. The best part is that the entry is free.

Now that you have an idea of what to do it is time to find your hotel. The prices for hotels are as varied as the styles of accommodations but there are sites where you can discount hotels in London. They have also taken the time to categorize all of the hotels to make the search a lot easier.

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