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5 Things to Do in Fiji That You Must Not Miss

Located in the South Pacific Ocean, Fiji is a group of about 300 small islands. Each island is unique and has wonderful flora and fauna. Its climate is moderate throughout the year that makes it the perfect vacation destination. This is a list of five of the most amazing Things to Do in Fiji that you should never miss when you go for a trip to dis piece of paradise.

Beautiful beaches, mountains, hospitable people and untouched landscapes make all the more desirable. If you are planning on a holiday in Fiji, you must not miss these 5 things. After all, it is the experiences and memories that count.

Things to Do in Fiji

5 Things to Do in Fiji 

  1. Sunbathe in beaches: Nothing can match the tranquility and uniqueness of Fijian beaches. The bright blue waters and clear sky make the scenery out of this world. Just grab your sunscreen and be ready to get a nice tan. The most beautiful beaches are Honeymoon beach, Natadola Beach and Castaway Island. The list is endless though. You can opt for a private island as well. Fiji never disappoints when it comes to beaches. Each beach is different. Castaway Island has white-sand beaches while Mana Island has beautiful coral gardens. It will be a tough choice for you to choose one!
  2. Go trekking: Fiji without trekking is mac without the cheese. The untouched flora, undiscovered jungle trails, and breath-taking waterfalls make the effort pretty rewarding. All you need to do is buckle up your backpack and go into the trekking trails of Bouma National Heritage Park. 
  3. Experience the under-water world: Fiji is endowed with some of the world’s most beautiful coral reefs, marine fauna, and friendly waves. Enjoy the famous rainbow reef or go for snorkeling. Marine life is sure to amaze you. Be sure to take adequate preventive measures to protect marine life. Do not damage the reefs or leave waste inside water.
  4. Pump up your adrenaline with adventure sports: With beautiful landscapes come adventure sports. Indulge yourself in kayaking or skydive to witness the beauty of islands. If you are into surfing, grab your surfboard. Fiji waters are perfect for diving. You can also opt to zip line across the forest. The dense foliage with birds chirping beneath is bound to be once in a lifetime experience. These adventure sports are safe. So, no need to worry.
  5. The kava ceremony: The indigenous people of Fiji welcome their guests in the kava ceremony. Kava Guides is a great place to learn more about this plant. The government allows tourists to experience this. In the ceremony, the host will prepare a drink from the pounded kava root. It will be first offered to the eldest male of the group. The whole group will sit in a circle. After the eldest male takes the drink in one shot, it will be passed to the others. It will be a new experience for you. 

Fiji is a breath-taking place with all the ingredients of being a perfect tourist spot. It is easy on the budget. There are plenty of budget hotels that offer top-notch services. Hotel Jules Fiji is known for its extraordinary service. If you have ever been to Fiji, do let us know your experience.

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