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5 Things to Consider When Booking a Hotel Suite in Santa Monica

Have you thought about Booking a Hotel Suite in Santa Monica? The beautiful West Los Angeles County of Santa Monica in California is located by the mighty Pacific Ocean, drawing any tourists round the year who crave a beach vacation. The pleasant weather and expensive facilities are a top draw. No wonder that the hotels here are almost always full. Want to know how to Booking a Hotel Suite in Santa Monica?Read this,because I have written an incredible guide on things you should consider!

Booking a Hotel Suite in Santa Monica

While it might make you book the first available hotel suite you come across, you should ask a few questions to ensure you are making the right choice. You can check out sites like rooms for more information.

Here is a brief guide of 5 Things to Consider When Booking a Hotel Suite in Santa Monica. 

1. Does The Hotel Have A Pick And Drop Facility?

This is a real lifesaver because you do not want to be stranded at the nearest airport with your luggage by your side. Since Santa Monica is such a popular destination, it is almost always impossible to get a cab unless you have booked a ride well in advance. The best option is to opt for a pick and drop facility from the hotel itself, so you don’t have to worry about your destination. 

2. Does The Suite Offer An Ocean View?

One of the best aspects of booking a hotel suite in Santa Monica is that you get to enjoy the sight of the ocean from your hotel window or balcony. However, not all suites might have a window view. So, double-check to ensure that you are not missing out on one of the best reasons for visiting Santa Monica. Beachfront hotels can be a little expensive, but the views are worth paying for. 

3. What Facilities Does The Hotel Have?

Hotel suites in Santa Monica come equipped with a range of amenities. Still, the ones you should be looking out for are air conditioning, complimentary breakfast, security cameras, and concierge service, among other things. Santa Monica can get hot during the summers with the heat from the sand resulting in rising daytime temperatures. Hence, air conditioning is a must. 

4. How Good Are The Hotel Reviews?

Do not just go by the beautiful, professionally clicked photographs that the hotel websites display. Look for real reviews from people who have stayed in the hotel earlier. How do they describe their experience? Is the hotel staff friendly? Did the hotel suite have the number of rooms and facilities they had booked for? Does the hotel suite have adequate security? Check out forums to know more about the pros and cons of booking the suite. 

5. Did You Compare The Prices?

While all the hotels in Santa Monica offer competitive rates, it is still better to compare prices when you book a hotel. Do not just calculate the exact hotel suite prices as quoted on the booking website. Look for inclusive amenities and package deals that might prove to be more lucrative, even if it seems that you are paying a bit more upfront. For example, a hotel room might cost more, but it might also offer breakfast, laundry service, and free coupons for redeeming at the bar.

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