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5 Things to Take on a Camping Trip

Camping is one of those things that can be a truly fun time or a bit of a nightmare depending on how things pan out. At its best, camping is a chance to reconnect with nature, to explore an area of natural beauty, to spend time with your family, and to test your survival skills and your hardiness.Five of the most essential pieces of camping gear that you should include on your camping packing list.Take a look at this camping list

At it’s worst, camping can mean trudging around in wet shoes, being freezing cold and potentially getting lost for hours.

A lot of this comes down to preparation. As they say: there is no such thing as bad weather, only the wrong clothes. The same goes for camping: if you have the right tent, the right sleeping bag and the right supplies and tools, then no amount of bad weather or bad luck can ruin your fun.

And not only that, but bringing the right tools and gear is crucial for your safety. Read on for some of the best things to bring on your next camping trip.

Camping Packing List

5 Essentials that you Need on Your Camping Packing List


A torch is something simple that a lot of people forget. Often when camping, you’ll find yourself fumbling around in the dark trying to locate something in the bottom of your bag, or find your way to the toilet. This is when accidents can happen and you might find yourself stubbing a toe, or tripping over. Not only is this frustrating then, but it can also ruin your day and lead to health problems. So be safe and bring a torch. The best kinds are the ones that can be converted into free-standing lanterns. This way, you can enjoy reading and relaxing in the evening too when the fire goes out.

First Aid Kit

The one thing that everyone absolutely must take with them camping that so many people forget! Having a first aid kit will prepare you for countless ‘worst case scenarios’. You’ll be able to bandage up damaged limbs, plaster over cuts and gashes to stop bleeding, treat venomous bites and allergic reactions and pop pills to deal with pain after a twisted ankle.


Masking tape is a very useful tool that can help in a number of scrapes. Whether this means sealing over a hole in your tent or clothing, whether it means plugging a hole in your rucksack, or whether it means creating a makeshift shelter if you’re really into your survival. Masking tape is one of those things that will reveal its many uses only once you’re out and about and you have it. Make sure it’s there when you need it!


Look, I know you’ve got a great phone in your pocket with Google Maps and GPS. But what happens when that phone runs out of battery? Or when you lose signal? That’s when having a compass can really help, especially when combined with a useful map or atlas. You can find the best compass for survival here.

And of course it’s also just a lot more fun and challenging to use a compass and do a little orienteering than it is to rely on a phone. Isn’t that the whole point of going camping?

Microfiber Towel

A microfiber towel is a type of towel that you can use to dry yourself and other things but that uses a special material that is very light to carry, very easy to fold and very quick to dry.

Microfiber towels are incredibly useful for these reasons as they let you save a lot of space and weight in your bag and help you avoid getting other things damp. And having a towel in general is very important, even if it’s just to dry out shoes after a rainy day.

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