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5 Things to Know Before Renting an RV on Outdoorsy

Summer is just about here, and what better way to celebrate the summer season than to pack a family into an RV and head out into the world for an amazing vacation?  Make plenty of memories that will last you and your family a lifetime when you choose to rent an RV.  Outdoorsy offers RV and travel trailer rentals at affordable prices in a wide variety of locations across the nation.  In fact, there are probably several RVs around your town right now, just waiting to be rented and taken for a trip wherever you choose.  But before you sign the paperwork and hop into your newly rented RV, let’s take a look at a few things you should know first!Five things that you should keep in mind when you want to rent an RV for an outdoorsy adventure.Learn all about renting an RV.

Renting an RV on Outdoorsy

  1. Outdoorsy is made up of RV owners looking to rent out their RVs.

Outdoorsy is an RV rental service that caters to people all across the nation.  However, Outdoorsy is not a dealership of any kind – in fact, the majority of the RVs available for rent on Outdoorsy are from families and RV owners who are looking to rent out their RVs to make a little extra cash.  When you decide to rent an RV, you will meet up with the owners, sign the necessary paperwork, and pay for the rental.  From there, you are off on your adventure, returning to drop the RV off at the end of your rental time.  It’s easy, affordable, and you’ll be helping out like minded folks who might need a little extra cash.

  1. Outdoorsy provides limited insurance coverage on rentals.

In case you’re worried about what can happen in case of an accident or a collision, it can really set your mind at ease to know that Outdoorsy provides limited insurance on the RV rentals.  Outdoorsy will provide $1 million dollars worth of liability insurance, as well as up to $250,000 comprehensive and collision insurance coverage.  However, it will not cover certain things that are not caused by a collision, so it’s still important to be careful with the RV you are renting.  If the damage to the RV is minor, Outdoorsy will not cover anything below the $1,500 insurance deductible, and you will be responsible for the costs.

Renting an RV on Outdoorsy

  1. Not all RVs are pet friendly.

While some RV owners are completely on board with you bringing your pets into the RV, others might not take so kindly to you bringing them along.  Don’t assume just because one RV owner is pet friendly that the next one will be too: it’s completely up to the renter to decide if they want to allow pets into their RV or not, so be sure to check with them prior to booking.

  1. There can be restrictions on where an RV can be taken.

Some people who rent out their are a little more picky as to where their RVs can be taken when rented.  For example, some might want their RVs to be only taken to approved RV campgrounds, while others might be fine with taking it anywhere.  Sometimes an RV owner will specify that you cannot take the RV to festivals.  Outdoorsy also does not provide insurance coverage for travel to Mexico, so it’s important to be up front about where you are planning on traveling once you rent the RV so you do not incur any penalty or cleaning fees from both the company and those who are renting the RV.

Renting an RV on Outdoorsy

  1. Outdoorsy is available to international travelers.

If you are an international traveler and are looking to pick up an RV and take it for a trip, great news: Outdoorsy is quite happy to work with you!  International travelers are not only welcome to rent an RV, but they are also completely covered under the insurance provided by Outdoorsy.  The only thing that you need is your passport and identification.  Keep in mind that while Outdoorsy provides coverage throughout the United States and Canada, they do not provide coverage to Mexico.

If you are looking to rent an RV, there are plenty of wonderful options out there, but Outdoorsy is the new way to rent an RV that is just perfect for you!  Not only can you rent an RV that is perfect for your family’s needs, many times the RVs you look at are local and are also helping to support families and friendly neighbors.  Choose your RV, sign your paperwork, pay, and you’re all set to go! If you’re considering renting an RV first time, Outdoorsy offers discount codes for your first reservation.

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