5 Things to Consider When Packing for a Working Holiday

Working holidays are an excellent opportunity for young travelers to work overseas while enjoying a holiday, too. Working holiday programs exist in many countries, and they present exciting opportunities for people with the freedom to pursue them.If you are going on a working holiday you will need to add a few things to your packing list, here are the top five travel accessories.

According to MyBestWorkBoots, they’ve found that one of the most common things people forget to pack is actually the correct work shoes! People rush out, catch a plane and arrive on a site, only to have realized they forgot their safety boots!

When embarking on a working holiday, there are five things to consider when packing.

Working Holiday

5 Tips for Packing for a Working Holiday


Taking a carry-on suitcase only has become popular. If it will work for you depends on the type of work you’ll be doing, the climate you’ll be experiencing, and how minimalist you are when traveling.

After the carry-on, take a smaller backpack or shoulder bag that can serve as your personal bag and day bag also. Take a suitcase if you’ll have a fixed home base; otherwise, a suitcase could just become a liability.


Aside from all the regular travel documentation, you should take business cards. You might also want to take a copy of your resume/CV, too, in case other working opportunities present themselves. It is a good idea to carry extra passport-sized photographs for any other official documentation you may need, not least for visa and job applications.

Keep all the travel documentation in one place and keep scanned copies of all documentation on your phone or tablet, and laptop, too. For extra security and safety, upload scanned copies of all the documentation to a Cloud folder as well.

If your job requires you to drive, you will need an international driver’s license.


If there is any medication you depend on, research the availability and prescription requirements for the medicine.

Be aware of any particular products that you need but which might not be readily available at your destination.

Working Holiday


It is relatively common nowadays for the traveler to carry a smartphone, laptop, tablet/iPad, and even a separate portable MP3 player. The weight of all this is a serious consideration, and you might want to leave what you can at home.

Staying connected is essential while you’re on a working holiday. Pack a standard charger, a universal car charger, and even a power bank to ensure you are always in business contact. You will need adapters to connect your electronic devices via wall sockets to the local grid.

Make sure your smartphone will accept SIM cards from local networks. Use a tablet or laptop for books and documents you want to read; books are among the bulkiest items and most cumbersome items that weigh the traveler down.

Headphones: These are essential to listen to music, podcasts, or language lessons on the go.

Working Holiday


Buy a reusable water bottle for travel, home, and work.

Pack at least one lock in case you need to use a locker. A combination lock is better, so you don’t have any keys to lose. Just don’t forget the combination!

Smaller locks can be used for luggage and bags, as theft from luggage is a common problem. The lock acts only as a deterrent, but it is worth the small expenditure.

Notepad and pens are optional, but having them is better than not, particularly when it comes to making notes for meetings.

An envelope for business expense receipts will prevent your purse or wallet from becoming overstuffed.

Take enough cash to see you through until you can open a local bank account.

Going with a debit or credit card is necessary insurance in case of theft.

Be aware of these five areas when you pack and you can be assured of being in touch and meeting the requirements of your new workplace, whether in an office or a restaurant, or shop.

Last Updated on June 15, 2023

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