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5 Sustainable Travel Tips For Eco-Conscious Travelers At The Beach

Sustainable travel has been a growing trend in the last few years, and the pandemic has made it even bigger. People are more Eco-conscious than ever, and they want to do their bit to save the earth in every way they can. If you have the same mindset, you will want to know all about sustainable travel before your next beach vacation. It is something you should be aware of as oceans, coastlines, and marine life requires all the care you can give. As we gear towards a more Eco friendly future, ensuring a sustainable travel can be done easily. Your beach vacation would be an Eco travel.

Sustainable Travel Tips

5 Sustainable Travel Tips For Your Beach Vacation

Here are some tips that you must follow for an eco friendly travel:

Curb your carbon footprint

Once you reach your destination, curbing your carbon footprint should be as important as having a good time amid the sun and the sand. Choose an eco-friendly holiday accommodation to start with. Look for one close to the beach so that you can reach there on foot. If it is at a distance, rent a bike rather than take a taxi to commute. Your vacation will be a lot greener than you imagine!  

Avoid littering the beach

If you are truly eco-conscious, make a commitment to zero waste at the beach. Avoid bringing garbage such as plastic bottles and containers because you will end up littering them around. Carry reusable bottles that keep your drinks cool. Pack snacks and treats in airtight containers. Choose heavy material bags, preferably made with sustainable fabric or paper bags that do not harm the environment. Make sure that you leave nothing behind.

Invest in sustainable beach towels

You can go the extra mile with your sustainability initiative at this year’s beach vacation by investing in plastic-free beach towels. Check the product range of FiveADRIFT as these high-quality towels use only natural materials such as hemp, flax, organic cotton, and recycled cotton. Since there isn’t a single shred of plastic in these towels, you can rest assured about a sustainable eco travel.

Use ocean-friendly sunscreen

Suncreen is a must-have skin care to protect our skin when traveling. Most vacationers end up harming the ocean unknowingly by transferring chemicals in sunscreen products. Even as keeping yourself sun-safe is vital, you must choose your products wisely. Steer clear of chemical-based sunscreen, because these ingredients can cause unprecedented damage to the ocean and corals. Adopt products made with natural and mineral ingredients as they are eco friendly. 

Eat local and shop sustainable

You can favor the environment by paying attention to what you eat when you are there. If you love seafood, pick dishes made with local and seasonal produce. You can even plan a fishing trip and bring your lunch home. When you go shopping for souvenirs, opt for locally produced and sourced things. These choices will benefit the local economy of your destination. Steer clear of anything made from endangered species like ivory, tortoise-shell, or coral. It gets your sustainability initiative off-track and can be illegal too.  

A sustainable travel for your beach vacation is doable, provided that you take the right approach and make the apt choices. With right preparation for you next vacation, our environment will surely thank you. Pack wisely, shop smartly, choose the right place to stay, and keep the beach clean, and you can definitely make a difference. 



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