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5 Surprising Places To Travel In South Africa

The Republic of South Africa offers many surprising and breathtaking places and spots like no other in the world!  Five of the best things you can do when traveling to South Africa.In this article, you will find information about travel In South Africa.

Here, you will find the classic African scenery: great gaping gorges, golden brown savannah, amazingly beautiful desserts, rich cultures, and wineries as well as the favorite African creatures. 

If you are planning to travel to this wonderful country, then here is a list of the most surprising places that you need to include on your schedule: 

1. Go on a Road Trip at the Garden Route 

For the ultimate road trip, nothing beats this route.  

Along South Africa’s southeast coast, you will find the bewildering Garden Route that runs for around 200km through some of the country’s most breathtaking and astonishing coastal scenery. The Garden Route stretches along the Indian Ocean from the Eastern Cape’s Storms River to the Western Cape’s Mossel Bay.  Travel In South Africa


It is a renowned driving route that passes through pretty coastal towns, rolling green hills, lakes, lagoons, and amazing coastal cliffs. The route’s highlights include the Cango Caves and ostrich farm of Oudtshoorn; the charming town of Knysna nestled between a sparkling lagoon and dense forests; Robber Nature Reserve with its sea colony in Plettenberg Bay; and the stunning Garden Route National Park offering thick forests, gorges, and tidal pools. 

You can also have adventures along the way— from whale watching trips and elephant back rides to tree canopy tours and bungee jumping adventures. 

2. Visit the Wine Farms of Stellenbosch 

For the wine enthusiast, there is always a vineyard to be explored. And if you love such exploration, then a trip to Stellenbosch is something you should never forget.  

Stellenbosch is among the most picturesque towns in the country. With a variety of old oak trees, farms and Cape Dutch dwellings, this town is among the most preserved places from the time of the Dutch East India Company.  

Aside from the fantastic scenery and vibrant feel, this little town is home to some of South Africa’s best restaurants, and boutique wine farms Stellenbosch that can really give you the taste of what this country has to offer.  

Since Stellenbosch wineries have more expansive experience, there is so much more than they can offer to an average wine enthusiast. Along the most famous wine farms in Stellenbosch are DeMorgenzon, De Meye, Jordan Wine Estate, De Trafford, Kleinood, Keermont Vineyards, and Stark-Conde.  

After fulfilling wine tasting, you can take in Stellenbosch rich history from museums like Ruper Museum that displays important works by South African artists and Village Museum which is a group of 4 restored gardens and houses dating back in the early 1700s to mid-1800s. 

3. Cage Diving with Great White Sharks 

Want something extreme? 

Extreme like climbing into a thick iron cage, be dropped into the ocean and come face-to-face with the star from the Jaw Films— the great white sharks. 

Believe it or not, cage diving with great white sharks is among South Africa’s top attractions for the thrill seekers. It has becomes so popular that there are new tour operators that keep on sprouting every year and luring in the extreme-looking tourists. 

The best months to try cage diving is from April to October, however, you can dive with great whites all year round thanks to the healthy population of fish and seals.  Places To Travel In South Africa


Tour operators of Cape Town organize shark cage dives to spots like Gansbaii self-proclaims to be the “Great White Shark Capital of the World”, Mossel Bay, Dyer Island, Seal Island, and Simons Town. You can also have cage diving in Rocky Bay and Durban. 

For the weak-hearted, but still want to see the great predators of the ocean, it is possible to watch the action from the boat. 

4. Be Amazed by the Blyde River Canyon Nature Reserve 

South Africa is popular for its numerous thrilling game and nature reserves. And if you are driving between the Kruger National Park and Johannesburg, then you can’t really miss going to the beautiful Blyde River Canyon Nature Reserve. 

It is the home to South Africa’s 2nd largest canyon and rich diversity of plants and wildlife. Glistening rivers, lush subtropical foliage, majestic waterfalls, and lichen-covered rock formation make a striking canvas of texture and color.  

Game viewing here is very rewarding with the most common species of South African crocs, hippos, and primates. This reserve also offers panoramic viewpoints such as the aptly named God’s Window and Three Rondavels as well as whitewater rafting and boat trips on rivers.  

5. Meet a Great Diversity of Wildlife at iSimangaliso Wetland Park 

iSimangaliso translates to “miracle and wonder” in the Zulu language. And its name is perfectly fitted for this World Heritage Area which is the home to South Africa’s largest estuarine system! 

Once known as the Greater St. Lucia Wetland Park, the iSimangaliso connects 8 interwoven ecosystems including savanna, swamplands, towering coastal dunes, lakes, croc-filled rivers and coral reefs making the area full of different wildlife and plants.  Travel In South Africa


There are over 526 species of birds which inhabit the reserve as well as rhinos, leopards, loggerhead and leatherback turtles and the country’s highest concentration of crocs and hippos. This unique wilderness reserve offers tourist the chance to combine the coastal adventures such as snorkeling, diving, fishing and kayaking with the classic safari experience! 

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