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5 Summer Vacation Packing Essentials

Summer is nearly here, which means it’s time to start preparing for summer vacations. However, while traveling, it’s difficult to find a balance between taking everything you need and packing light so you don’t overfill your suitcases. It’s helpful to know the main things you need to take so you can get started on packing your bags, so here are five essentials you absolutely need to pack before your summer vacation. 

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During the summer, you must protect your eyes from UV damage from the sun. Your eyes are actually 10 times more sensitive to UV rays than your skin, and UV damage to your eyes can lead to long-term issues such as cataracts. Sunglasses can protect your eyes from this damage while also helping you see better by reducing glare from the sun. 

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Sun hat

We’re all familiar with the possibility of getting a sunburn in the summer, but make sure you’re actually protecting all the areas you need to. Many people forget to protect their scalp from the sun, but this area can still get badly sunburnt, especially if you have a visible parting in your hair. One solution is to put sunscreen on your parting, but most people don’t like the idea of getting sunscreen in their hair. Therefore, you should always bring a sun hat or baseball cap with you on your summer vacation to avoid burning your scalp.

Water bottle

It’s very easy to become dehydrated in the summer, so you should always have access to water on your summer vacation. This can be more difficult if you’re exploring the countryside and aren’t near any shops or restaurants, which is why you should bring a water bottle with you. Additionally, tap water isn’t safe to drink in some countries, so you’ll definitely need to have bottled water with you at all times.


The importance of sunscreen can’t be overstated. Sunscreen protects your skin from nasty sunburns, and it also protects you against more serious conditions like skin cancer over time. It’s never a good idea to not wear sunscreen in order to tan as the risks outweigh the benefits, so make sure you take sunscreen with you on your summer vacations. You should choose a broad-spectrum sunscreen (which means it protects against UVA and UVB rays) that’s SPF 30 or higher to get the best protection.

Travel umbrella

If you’re traveling to a hot, sunny country, it’s likely that you won’t have to worry about rain on your vacation. However, you can’t control the weather, so you have to bear in mind that it could still rain. Therefore, you should remember to pack a lightweight travel umbrella that’s easy to store and carry around if needed. This will keep you dry if there are any unexpected showers!

Choosing what to pack for your summer vacation can be pretty stressful, but by packing the five essentials listed in this article, you can make sure you have all the basics covered.

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