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5 Start-ups That Make Traveling Easy and Awesome

They say the best vacations are those that you prepare yourself with enthusiasm, no matter where, when, or how many days they last. Have you still not organized your next trip? Do not worry! Today we present you with some start-ups that will help you do it in a simple way and in case that you already have your trip planned, they will help you to get everything going smoothly.List of different tips that will allow you to have a much smoother travel.In this blog you will find info about make traveling easy.

Make Traveling Easy

WaynaBox – Living is a journey, not a destination

Traveling to the top European destinations with WaynaBox is more than a trip, it’s an experience. And more than an experience… a surprise! WaynaBox is a new way to make trips around Europe at a fixed price. For € 150 (amount that includes flights, accommodation and a leisure guide tour for the city in question) you can enjoy a well-deserved rest. Yes, you will not know where to stay until two days before leaving! If you are an adventurer and you like to live the experiences to the limit, this is, without a doubt, your choice. For the less risky, this start-up also offers the possibility of narrowing the list of cities to travel, allowing the client to dispense free of charge a destination that is not to your liking.


There are many types of travelers. The adventurers, the organizers, those who try to discover the surprises that the destination can bring and those who prefer to take all the questions before leaving home. For the latter we present Trippy! Trippy is a start-up that allows any traveler to know those aspects that disturb him about the destination of his vacation. Its operation is as follows: the user formulates their concern or legal query; this will be resolved by a committee of experts from that city who, in an altruistic manner, will answer all the questions that have arisen. Readers, on the other hand, can “like” those who consider better answers or those that best suit their own needs. This creates a type of repository of better answers that can serve future users of the platform. In addition, there is an option to customize the profile, which makes Trippy an active and dynamic community.

Zaptravel – Your personal travel agency

That price comparators of airplanes, restaurants, hotels etc. already exist, so it’s not a novelty. For a few years, in fact, these have been gradually replacing travel agencies. In this line, we present ZapTravel, a global Internet travel company and trusted search engine for travel and entertainment offers. So, what characteristics make this start-up something different? First, its scope. ZapTravel evaluates hundreds of thousands of possible flights, activities and events to find offers that provide real value to customers and, in short, approach the customer to places and events that are worth experiencing. More than 3000 companies collaborate with this start-up.

Travefy – Plan together. Pay Together

With friends, family, team or with your co-workers, if you are one of those who prefer to travel in groups following the maxim of “the more we are, the better we will have it”, this startup is made for you! And it is that Travefy ends all the headaches that can involve the organization and management of a trip of these characteristics, allowing the group to jointly organize all the details of the trip, build an itinerary and take the accounts of travel expenses. But Travefy is more than a simple free travel coordinator: it is also the perfect guide for you to discover your destination in the best way. In this sense, the app allows you to find establishments to eat perfectly nutritious dishes, stay at lovely hotels and even book directly.

Trip 4 Real – Enjoy local experiences

One thing is to travel and another to fully immerse yourself in the local culture, meet its people, wander through the most hospitable places, try local wines and discover the particular stamp of your destiny. Basically, this is the premise of Trip4Real, which proposes a revolutionary way of traveling offering the client the possibility of knowing a city through its people. To do this, it makes available to the client more than 3000 activities and routes proposed by locals, the real essence of your holiday destination. The procedure to start living these local experiences is so simple that, as they claim, without realizing it you will already be enjoying them. First, the user must create their personal profile. Secondly, the user must find his ideal activity, in his ideal city! Then, the reservation and payment will be made, which will allow, finally, the user to enjoy their particular experience. Once this has taken place, the user can tell their experience leaving a comment and images on the web.

Discover the trip of your dreams and needs thanks to these unique travel start-ups!

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