5 Smart Ways To Make Some Cash While You’re On A Vacation

While exploring a new destination is a dream for many, few can afford it. There can be many expenditures for a person who is traveling like lodging, travel, food and activities. 

In such a case, earning while on vacation is not a bad idea, right?

After all, no one wants to run out of cash (or sunscreen) on a vacation!

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You’ll have enough money to spend or splurge on the vacation in the ways mentioned below.

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1. Freelancing

From photography to writing, there are many services you can offer as a freelancer to sponsor your trip. 

Becoming a digital nomad is easy, you only need a laptop and a reliable internet connection to become a full-time traveler and part-time worker. 

Furthermore, many platforms provide opportunities for freelancing where professionals can showcase their talent and beginners can gain experience. 

You can also focus on creating your portfolio, building up your communication skills and making contacts with new clients to build a reputable profile and secure recurring projects. 

Making money can be fun with freelancing, but saving money is just as important because you might need an emergency fund anytime. So, we suggest that you should gather some tips and tricks to make and save money while you live the modern nomadic lifestyle. 

2. Sell What You Click

Do you know you can be paid for clicking pictures on your vacation? Well, it’s time for all the shutterbugs out there to use their skills to make money. 

While doing what you love, you can earn some extra money. You can click anything and everything from landscape to portraits, and upload them on platforms like iStock and Shutterstock. 

With the increasing demand for high-quality pictures for advertisements or web design, you can receive a royalty for uploading your clicks on these platforms. 

3. Rent Homes

While you are away, you might want someone to take care of your house as the unoccupied property may attract robbers. 

To solve this problem, you can rent your house using online platforms like Airbnb. 

Similarly, you can rent your car to people who might be visiting your hometown on their vacation. 

By renting your own home you can unlock a range of benefits including the safety of your house and a supplemental income stream that you can use on your vacation. 

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4. Street Performance

Got a special talent and want to showcase it in front of a live audience? Performing on the street can boost your confidence as well as allow you to make money. 

Performers like singers, dancers, comedians and jugglers travel across the world with the money they earned by performing on cruises, streets, or roads.

Although, it is advisable to read about the different rules and policies of the country where you’re thinking of performing as in some countries you need permission to perform publicly for money. 

Tax and accounting jobs are excellent options for remote work, especially for those seeking to earn some extra income or turn it into an accounting side hustle. These roles often involve tasks that can be efficiently performed online, such as bookkeeping, tax preparation, and financial analysis.

Remote positions offer flexibility in terms of work hours and location, enabling individuals to balance their job with other commitments or even pursue additional sources of income.

This adaptability makes tax and accounting jobs a practical and appealing choice for those looking to boost their earnings while enjoying the benefits of remote work.

5. Sell Hand-made Products

There is a huge market for authentic handicrafts everywhere you look. If you are creative enough to make necklaces, bracelets out of shells and stone, or artistic enough to make live portraits, then you can take your craft supplies along the next time you go traveling. 

To attract buyers, you can organize a workshop too.


With these ideas, you can immerse yourself in different cultures and adventures but never worry about your travel budget.

Though working while traveling can be a little difficult, it can also be exciting. 

If you are truly passionate about traveling and your talents, you can fulfill your desire to roam the world by finding remote work or taking up a side hustle. 

Last Updated on October 24, 2023

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