5 Shocking Reasons Why CBD Cartridges Are Legal In These Countries

Do you dream of what life would be like if you were pain-free? Many people suffering from chronic pain want to try CBD cartridges. But it seems like the world’s governments conspire to keep CBD from their citizens.Why cbd cartridges legal and illegal in countries.There are many reasons to know about cbd for the country you may be traveling to.

The world’s leaders and lawmakers can no longer deny the benefits that cannabis can bring. Scientific studies show the benefits of CBD. Testimonials from satisfied users rock the web. And the potential financial boon is too tempting to the taxman.

But the laws are still unclear. It sure would be nice if you could get some straight answers from the man, wouldn’t it?

CBD Cartridges

Why CBD Cartridges Are Legal

CBD isn’t legal everywhere yet. But more countries have had to accept that the war on cannabis was unjustified. In the United States, CBD vape cartridges and all CBD products were illegal until the 2018 Farm Bill. Many countries passed similar legislation because consumers demanded that lawmakers face the facts.

1. Patients Say It Helps

CBD users report that CBD cartridges and other CBD products help with a wide range of conditions. Users praise positive effects on Alzheimer’s, cancer, epilepsy, PTSD, and chronic panic. Many say that CBD serves as a painkiller, stops vomiting, and provides relief.

2. People Want Opioid Alternatives

The U.S. and the rest of the world have found themselves in a new war on drugs. Drugs that are still legal and are “controlled substances.” Big Pharma unleashed the threat of opioids upon the public in the ‘90s and early 2000s.

Opioids have led to overdoses and addiction. You don’t have to wonder how large corporations made billions on more dangerous substances. CBD users don’t have to worry about highs, addiction, or overdose, and now with posabit offering online order, pickup and payment, they don’t have to worry about payment methods either. The claim that CBD was a threat was bogus. As far as drugs go, cannabis is more Simba than Scar.

3. Hemp is Now More Available

The 2018 Farm Bill removed hemp from the U.S. Schedule I list of narcotics. CBD is easier to produce. In the US, as long as THC stays under 0.3%, hemp can work its way into products ranging from food to medicine to car parts.

But hemp was left largely deregulated by the 2018 Farm Bill. U.S. cities and states have had to come up with their own rules. Recently, New York City said that the city would penalize restaurants that put CBD in food. But it’s still okay to sell CBD oils, creams, and lotions. That makes it fine to use your CBD vape pen cartridge from the Bronx to Brooklyn. You can also try this blue dream cart if you are looking for the best options in this regard.

4. Airport Authorities Ignore It

Keeping CBD out of America would be a near-impossible task. Customs agents in other countries aren’t looking for it. And they won’t enforce U.S. laws.

Even the TSA publicly states that their focus is on security. They say that if they find illegal drugs during screening, they tell law enforcement. But this makes little sense in states where CBD is legal.

5. Cannabis Is a Cash Cow

U.S. sales of cannabis will likely reach $80 billion by 2030. And the potential for another tax dollar is impossible for a government to pass up. It’s like they’re trying to eat just one Pringle. Once they pop, they can’t stop! The 1% hop on the legal cannabis train when it means full pockets.

International Status of CBD

America isn’t alone when it comes to the changing laws of CBD. Worldwide, the CBD cartridge pen and other CBD products are finding their way into retail. Here’s an update on some laws around the world.

The European Union

CBD oil wasn’t available in most of the EU until May 15, 1997. Many countries allow it to be classified as a novel food. But EU countries all have their laws for different extraction of purification techniques.

The EU allows the sale of CBD-based products for cosmetics. Some CBD products can be sold as prescription only. Most EU countries don’t consider CBD as a medication but instead view it as an active ingredient. Hemp-derived CBD can contain up to 0.2% THC in the EU.

But regulations and laws about CBD, hemp, and cannabis still vary from country to country. There are different possession, distribution, and cultivation rules. Countries regulate how CBD users can consume it and the medical conditions they can use it for.

Medical use of cannabis is now legal in a long list of countries. But recreational use is still prohibited in many. Like a growing number of US states, many countries have decriminalized small amounts. Some differentiate between CBD and marijuana. Some don’t.


CBD is legal in Germany as long as the preparations come from plants from the EU. It must also come from EU-certified hemp seeds. THC content must come in below 0.2%.


In Austria, flowers, extract, and hashish that contains CBD is saleable, but not as supplements or medications. Local shops in Austria sell CBD as aroma oil. It’s also sold online in Austria.


Cultivation of hemp, cannabis, and CBD is strictly prohibited in George. Laws about CBD oil in Georgia is unclear because it is not addressed. But the use of cannabis/hemp requires one to be older than 21, in a private home, without minors nearby. Many feel that the same rules apply to CBD cartridges.


Ireland’s Misuse of Drugs Act of 1977 outlaws derivatives of cannabis that contain traces of THC. It’s understood that only CBD products with 0.00% of THC are legal. So, you’d better be careful with that CBD oil.


It’s prohibited to grow hemp and cannabis in Norway. And it’s also prohibited to buy whole hemp and cannabis seeds. But the use of CBD is legal if prescribed by a doctor.


The Swedish medical authorities say that CBD is an active ingredient. It must follow strict laws that regulate pharmaceuticals. A permit is also required for its sale. CBD supplements are prohibited in Sweden. They don’t allow marketing statements about health, beauty, or other benefits.

But CBD isn’t on the banned substance list. You can also buy CBD online. Swedish shops often say they aren’t responsible for customs seizures. It’s often understood that CBD is legal in Sweden as long as THC is 0.00% and the seller has a permit to sell.

It’s confusing enough to make you want to riot, isn’t it?

Try CBD Cartridges for Yourself

Don’t let the bureaucrats, Wall Street, or so-called experts keep you from living a pain-free life. Give CBD oil a try. Even our fearless leaders have had to admit the benefits of CBD. Countries throughout the world know it too. The world conspiracy against cannabis is finally breaking down.

Last Updated on June 15, 2023

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