5 Romantic Places in Kerala That Every Couple Really Should Visit

The South Indian state of Kerala is a wonderful destination for romantic couples. This area´s beautiful vistas and friendly people lift the spirits, enabling you to truly relax and create magical memories as a couple. Currently, Kerala is something of an undiscovered gem. Therefore, your romantic moments will not be spoil by noisy or unruly crowds of tourists. Here are our current favorite romantic spots and experiences in Kerala.The most romantic places that every couple should visit on a romantic getaway.Check this out to learn about romantic places in Kerala.

Romantic Places in Kerala

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A houseboat cruise
Top of the list of romantic places in Kerala has to be a houseboat cruise on the Kerala backwaters. There are over 900 kms of interconnected canals, lakes and other waterways in the region. The extensive length of the waterways means that they tend not to get too crowded. So, you will rarely, if ever, be disturbed as you float through the enchanting landscape on a luxury houseboat.

The fact that none of these boats is particularly big means that you get truly personal attention from the staff. They really do make sure that your every need is attended to. There is nothing quite like a romantic meal cooked by your very own chef. The fact he or she has access to truly fresh ingredients and is only cooking for a handful of people means the standard of the food is very high indeed.

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Romantic Places in Kerala

Visit Chembra Peak
A visit to another romantic places in Kerala Chembra Peak is the perfect way to combine a walk through stunning countryside with a romantic experience. Halfway up, you will be treated to the view of a beautiful heart-shaped lake called Hridaya Thadakam. Walking on to the peak to enjoy further spectacular views is possible, but only for a very limited number of people. So, if you want to do this, as well as see the lake, be sure to buy a ticket in advance.

All walks up the mountain are guided, including those that only go as far as the lake. To be able to enjoy the trek you both need to be reasonably fit and will need a pair of good-quality walking shoes.

Stay in a Treehouse in at Athirappilly Falls
It is always nice to be staying in a beautiful location. Combine that with a special style of accommodation and you have a guaranteed recipe for romance. Athirappilly Falls ticks both boxes. The stunning waterfalls are located deep in the rainforest natural park. A visit to the falls is special enough, but staying in one of the luxury tree houses is even better. Your home for the night is located high in the canopy, which gives you panoramic views of the falls and the beautiful surrounding forest.

Book yourself a night in one of Poovar´s floating cottages
Another very romantic place to stay is one of the floating cottages of Poovar Island. Being able to sit your cosy veranda and watch the sunset or rise over the water is a wonderful experience that you will never forget.

There are two grades of cottage available. Both are decorated and furnished to a high standard. However, for a special holiday, it is well worth spending a little extra and booking yourself one of the deluxe floating cottages.

Pass a few days at the Sitaram Beach Retreat
Spending a few days in the beautiful Sitaram Beach Retreat is a great way to cut yourself off from the rest of the world and relax in an enchanting bubble that has been created by nature. This resort is far more than just a luxury hotel. It is also a place of healing and rejuvenation. There really is no better way to renew your love than by enjoying the experience of feeding your souls, as well as your bodies, together.

The Ayurveda physicians, Yoga practitioners and healing therapists are all well trained. They will treat you as a couple, but, importantly, also make sure that each person’s individual needs are catered for. Naturally, for those people looking for a touch of romance the couple’s spa sessions are a particularly popular way to pass some time.

After your treatment, you can enjoy a freshly prepared Satvik meal you can enjoy a moonlit walk along the golden sands of the resort beach or a stroll through the fragrant medicinal plant garden. The accommodation is first-class and there is plenty to do in and around the resort.

The hidden charm of Kerala
As you can see, Kerala is an enchanting part of the world. The above is just a taste of what this lovely region has to offer. Whether you are enjoying a romantic meal in one of the area’s floating restaurants or enjoying a walk along the white sands of Alappuzha beach you are sure to have a special time.

Last Updated on December 4, 2021

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