5 Reasons You Should Bring Sunglasses on Every Trip

You probably know that luxury sunglasses are stylish and useful for blocking UV rays at the beach. What you may not know is that they can help to protect your eyes even when you don’t notice the potential for damage. Taking your sunglasses over glasses while traveling is always wise, as it is often difficult to foresee the full range of situations you are likely to encounter on a work trip, vacation, or getaway. Getting prescription sunglasses can make eye protection simple and convenient for traveling.Top reasons why you should never forget to Bring Sunglasses on Every Trip.Take a look at this list of the Travel Essentials.

Bring Sunglasses on Every Trip

1. Planes are Riddled With Headache and Migraine Triggers

For those who experience headaches and migraines, flying can be a nightmare. The recycled air, unnatural lighting, dehydration, and forced posture all make the perfect ingredients for an uncomfortable ride. For those normally free of headaches, flying can elicit them anyway. While it is already difficult for passengers to remain cooped up for indeterminate lengths of time, the additional nervous system strain of bright unnatural lights can put things over the edge. Tinted glasses and glasses with polarized sunglass lenses can significantly help to alleviate the kinds of strain you are likely to encounter on a long plane flight.

2. Even Moderate Exposure to UV Rays Can Damage Your Eyes

As you go about your life, various physical phenomena do damage your body and cells. One of the most substantial sources of damage is the UV light given off by the sun. Over time, sunlight damages your skin, eventually causing wrinkles and reduced elasticity. The same concept applies to your eyes. Eyes that are chronically exposed to UV light can develop macular degeneration, cataracts, and sunburn. Fortunately, protecting yourself from these problems is relatively simple. Just as you use sunscreen for your skin, wearing sunglasses can protect your eyes from cumulative damage. Because you are more likely to spend time outdoors and encounter bright sunlight on vacation, allowing the sunglasses to take charge of your eye heath is always wiser. Navigate to this site to explore the options of UV sunglasses to cater to your active lifestyle.

3. Prescription Sunglasses Protect the Skin Around Your Eyes

In addition to the protection they afford your eyes, sunglasses help to protect the delicate skin around your eyes from sunburn. Because the skin around the eyes is thinner than the skin on other parts of the face, people who squint often, receive inadequate sleep, or leave vision issues unaddressed tend to develop dark circles and wrinkles. By protecting the skin from UV damage, sunglasses can directly protect the skin from showing signs of premature aging. If you are near or farsighted and want to protect your eyes, wearing prescription safety glasses can help. Since prescription lenses minimize signs of aging caused by the involuntary muscle movements required for focusing, the addition of UV protection can compound your overall protection from aging.

4. Long Car Rides Require Focus and Glare Protection

Driving for long periods can be taxing for even the most caffeine-riddled driver. Overly powerful headlights, glare from the sun, and reflections from various surfaces can all cause strain and fatigue. If you are especially sensitive to light, these issues can become prohibitively troublesome. Glasses that are polarized for glare protection filter out rays of light that are reflected off shiny surfaces. While glare protection can seem like a trivial matter, having polarized lenses on a road trip can enable you to drive for long periods and focus on safely arriving at your destination.

5. Tints and Polarization Are Ideal for Certain Recreational Activities

If you are an active vacationer, you probably have a few activities planned for your trip. You may, for example, go fishing for a few days before taking a bike trip to another destination. When minimizing reflection is an essential element of what you are doing, polarized lenses really shine. While fishing, the glare from the surface of the water can sometimes make the difference between reacting properly to a bite and losing a catch. Lenses that filter surface glare enable wearers to see deeper into the water with a clarity that would otherwise be unattainable. While riding a bike, your vision is even more important for your safety and situational awareness than it is while driving. Bikers have fewer options than drivers for blocking out direct sunlight and frequently need to use mirrors to detect potential threats on the road.

Whatever you have planned for your trip, bringing a good pair of sunglasses is never a bad idea. When you protect your eyes and minimize unpleasant glare, you can focus on enjoying your experience. If you are looking for a new pair of polarized prescription sunglasses, see Marvel Optics’ selection of high-quality frames and lenses.

Last Updated on August 3, 2023

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